Bon Voyage Betsey Johnson

Bon Voyage Betsey Johnson.

My passion for blogging fluctuate quite frequently throughout this summer, and this was a post that was never written. This was the case for several reasons, 1) I'm slightly terrified to write this, 2) I'm quite nervous I won't be able to articulate my feelings into proper coherent sentences and 3) I sorta don't want to believe its over. BUT ALAS, I'm writing it, so here goes nothin. 

It's been almost two months since we closed the doors on Betsey Johnson Honolulu retail store and I'm still, for a lack of a better word, meh. This being said, click here for my thoughts pre-door-closure. But I wanted to reflect a bit about the job itself and our last day.

From the moment I said "ALOHA" to my last job (picture to the left), I had a feeling in my bones that this job was gonna be life changing. 
The moment I stepped into the pink room with the title of being an employee, I knew I stumbled onto something brilliant. 

As I mentioned previously, me getting that job was sort of a fluke, I slipped in right as my sister Devon was leaving. And to be completely fair, I wasn't ready for that job, I didn't know anything about commission, or selling high end designer clothing or even just how to win over your coworkers. 

I was, safe to say, a complete and total noob but thats okay, I feel like the girl in the picture to my left has been completely transformed, (or maybe sorta transformed, I'm only 19, I have a lot more learning to do) into a quasi-adult/sales associate, and that is really bloody cool. 

Betsey wasnt just a job, it was fun and it was a very special little family and I got to do a lot of rad stuff.

Sorry, I know a lot of my face, (and quite a few different hair colors), but I'm trying to explain that Betsey wasn't just a store, it was a state of mind. I met the coolest people, got to play dress up all the time and helped make dreams come true (I'm dreamweaver goddamnit.)

There were times that it wasnt fun, numbers were hard to reach, customers were sometimes salty, and don't even get me started on Black Friday, but I think in the long run that lessons I learned there and the clothing I obtained are well worth the BS.

So when our last day rolled around, I was more than just a mess

The store I loved, the clothing I bought, my job, were all going to be gone the next day. 
We put up this parting note, to all of our valued customers. But the thing about it was, the people who came into our store once everything hit 50% off weren't "our" customers. 

I'm gonna be blunt, they were rude, they were cheap and they all seemed to forget that 300 employees (including myself) were losing our jobs. I swear if I was told that her clothing was "over priced" one more time I was actually going to punch myself in the face.

Betsey had its flaws but being told them by rude, meanie weenies really hurt. This job was one of the best things that happened to me  and it was being taken away from me within a snap.

On the last long day, we drank champagne, had company by Kuma Zeus the store mascot aka my dear friend and coworker Blair's baby. While we remained slightly tipsy we then fought over the sample clothes once the last poster was taken down.


(Top left: Zeus, Bottom Left: My dear manager Sharice and yours truly in my all time favorite Betsey I own. Right: Zeus's mommy/my bestfriend Blair)

Finally our last picture together in the store (from left to right: Me, Blair, Chris, Sharice, Katie and Mina) and I gonna be honest, it felt weird. The mood of the day was slightly most stressful and anxious than I anticipated and I had to make about 400 trips to and from my car.  But I was able to make it out with some beautiful new pieces and great memories. 

Days past, and I get sorta somber when thinking about Betsey, her Fall 2012 line was tres cute and I would've loved to sell it, but all good things do come to an end. I think life is just about learned what you can before its too late and moving on with all you've learned.

Damn I feel like every post I write becomes super preachy, and idk how I feel about that...hahah let me know what you think?

Anywho, I'll have you all know that each Honolulu Betsey girl is up to bigger and better things, we're all safe and happy and things are okay.
And so while we may not see each other daily
We're still a little family.

My styling skills have developed completely because of Sharice, she taught me so much about the fashion industry and has been my favorite manager of all time.
Katie taught me how to not give a flying f word about anything that happens at work, whether you deal with a customer who trolls you and doesn't buy anything or is just plain rude to you, it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of life, you need to move on and keep hustling.
Mina taught me the value of coupon clipping and had the most amazing collection or Betsey jewelry I've ever seen, some of her older pieces made me green with envy!
Chris was the silliest giggly bear I've ever met, she just taught me about being a kind considerate employee and we had oodles of fun the nights we closed together
Blair, haha, man, Blair and I had the best girl talk, we had so much fun together, and she really taught me that I can have it all, I have yet to meet anyone that works as hard as her.
AND I'M NOT FORGETTING YOU JENILEA for some reason, Jenilea didnt make it into either of these group shots, but to the right is sweet Jenilea, she taught me about how to reign in your sass, also how to be a mega babe while being a mega nerd (I don't think anyone has perfected that as well as Jenilea)

So bon voyage for now Betsey Johnson,
I'll be wearing your new designs soon
I just know it

Have a great day, 
and please, 
keep it sassy. 


  1. I've never have the opportunity to buy something of Betsey Johnson, but I've always been envious of your dresses. It's wonderful, your relationship with what for many would have been just a job... Sorry for your loss ^^

  2. this is such a beautiful and heartfelt post <3