Serious Question: What Happened to the Harajuku Girls?

If you don't follow me on tumblr you might understand this tangent, if not allow me to explain. 

My brain is a strange little mechanism. 
It works in very weird ways, connecting random and potentially obscure references points that lead to questions that lead to my fingers typing up wikipedia.org faster than you can say "do you remember..."

For example,
I've been doing critical analysis of female pop songs from mid 2000's for fun (I'm weird)
so I was listening to stickwitu (The best title of any song ever) by the Pussycat Dolls
where this thought came across my mind

and while further watching this music video I came across this cellphone

I chuckled at how prehistoric that phone is but then remembered it was 2004 and that phone was probably cutting edge in telecommunication technology. 

Then I started reminiscing about 2004 and remembered Fergalicious,
I started watching the music video which lead me to this thought

and while watching this music video and quietly singing the words to myself I noticed her cellphone and nails

 and was immediately reminded of Gwen Stefani's music video for Luxurious
which takes the cake for bad cellphones
which lead me to this thought

Just look at it!
Also the last two music videos had the common theme of lying on a giant pool of candy, something that remains untouched on my bucketlist.

While watching this music video and longing to swim in candy I quickly developed the desire to watch more
which lead me to one of my favorite music videos/songs ever

but while watching, I started to wonder

and while wanting my own Harajuku girls, I began my research.

Maya Chino, LOVE, is working as a hip hop instructor for children in LA. She is also the head choreographer for HMA's hip hop team RIZA according to Wikipedia.  While I didnt discover much, mostly because the majority of the websites were in japanese, she is described as "soft and caring" which is a direct correlation to the scent made after her. Its nice to know that she actually has a personality because despite her kick-ass dance moves I know nothing about her personally, oh the troubles of being a hype girl.

Jennifer Kita, ANGEL/ Lil Angel,  studied hiphop at MESA college, and joined the dance troupe, Culture Shock San Diego, then joined Urban FX. According to her twitter she is very into astrology, stating she is a proud Libra and is the cofounder of Creativity Heals, an organization providing relief for those who've been affected due to massive flooding in the Mekong delta region of Vietnam. Her scent describes her as someone who cares for others but isnt a saint. 

 Rino Nakasone Razalan, MUSIC, is originally from Osaka Japan. She was featured on America's Best Dance Crew, season three, competeing with the girl group "Beat Freaks." She's married to the manager of the Beat Freaks, Lee-J Razalan. She's danced for many famous musicians, Missy Elliott, Britney Spears and even my favorite, JBeebz and she was briefly signed as a member of the Pussycat Dolls (EVERYTHING GOES FULL CIRCLE WITH MY BRAIN). She is described by her perfume as having the strongest personality...whatever that means

Lastly, Mayuko Kitayama, BABY,  who was the hardest to research, is now living in New York, she did minor background dance work for Britney Spears during that crazy tour in 2007 when she wore all those wigs. And According to her twitter she is touring with Usher as a background dancer, she appeared on Ellen and The Billboard Music awards, dancing beside him. Her scent is described as "innocent and exciting," which is very sweet and apparently very appropriate.

I couldnt find any article that says that they are for sure done with Gwen, but I'm assuming since No Doubt is back together, the Harajuku girls disbanded 

Despite ethnic stereotypes, I quite enjoyed the Harajuku girls, and I'm quite excited to know that they are all happy and all doing well.

Man, now I'm wondering what happened to all the members of The Pussy Cat Dolls?

that is a tangent saved for another time.

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  1. haha yes tangents rule! i love how one thought process leads to a completely different topic, that's usually how I think!