Winning London

By this stage of my trip, you know there is no getting around it.
I'm young and in love with the city of bread pudding.
London has come into my life when I least expected it and grabbed hold of my heart, never to release its unrelenting grip...
(okay, I'm know what being in Scotland in a huge hotel room alone at night is doing to my writing but lets just go with it?) (I wrote this on my trip)

Anywho, that night ended well, and I woke up in my large fluffy bed at the dawn of a new day.

Today was one of those, whatever sort of days. We had no "real" plans. We got up, had some crazy treats from Costa (which we don't have in Ameowica) and headed out for the town. Devon insisted on Soho, so that is where we headed.

Man, every so often I'd just get a breath of this city and my love affair would begin again.
To describe this city and the majority of its inhabitants in one word it would have to be Posh.

The architecture, the products, the way people dressed, everything was posh. Finally I'm in a place where people give a damn about dressing up, because contrary to popular belief, you can't wear board shorts everywhere. British people seem to make the tiniest efforts, especially where it counts...

Look at this pile of rubbish. Is that not the cutest pile of rubbish you've ever seen?
I mean PINK RUBBISH BAGS! Oh you Brits, you are simply too much for me!

Onward to my day. 
Similar to the day prior we merely explored this part of the city. 
I am a child of the 90's.

The town offered some stunning architecture and shopping that is worth filing bankruptcy for, IE the Vivenne Westwood flagship store...can you say "charge it please"?
And as I walked into the London flagship Vivenne Westwood store and I got flooded with this nostalgia of this idea I once had, it was this cheerful idea I had for myself about being a girl about town in a cosmopolitan city, I want to wine and dine and live like I had money to loose. Its kind of pathetic and very superficial but I got sad while being in London, while looking in my thirft store cross body I looked in my pocket to find only a couple of pounds. Its safe to say I was frustrated. I never regret clothing purchases; I just came to the conclusion that I NEED to handle my money better. I want to be successful and make tonnage of monage! But unbeknownst to me…I got my paycheck and had a good rest of the day.

The stomachs of the Hughes clan began to growl in harmony…It was time to eat and after a quick stop at this lovely department store we got a lovely taste of home. We stumbled upon a Ku aina restaurant that is from my island! They played the local jams and my burger tasted oh so sweet, deep down in the cravases of my heart past my wanderlust there is a beating pulse for the islands from which I come from. I will always love Hawaii, but I’m gonna have a rendezvous with London. 

Yes, Kane's and Wahine's your eyes are not tricking you.
In BLODDY, SODDING ENGLAND, I discovered the fourth Kua 'aina location.
I think its one of those things that you don't actually imagine discovering until well..you discover it.
The second we saw it we knew where we were eating lunch. The store looked the same, they blasted the local radio and the food even tasted the same, but its safe to say that there were no bradahs working at that location. 

We carried on with some aloha in our bellies and shop bopped around soho
here are some of the awesome shit I saw. 
The swankiest department store to ever be created.
It was blessed with swanky water

Faceless dawg

Beautiful streets on a beautiful day

Miraculous surprise camera shot.

Whilst in Soho we trotted and after seeing more beautiful people and more beautiful architecture we stumbled upon one the most beautiful things I’ve seen in awhile. The London Betsey Johnson store. Now while I still can’t discuss the future of Betsey may I just say that this was one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen. The entire store was covered in this beautiful Betsey floral wall paper and they had the most lovely rolling racks, the store was the epitome of the Betsey vision, it was beautiful and so warm, plus they had so much more space therefore the store was perfectly Betsey down to every square inch. My sister Devon worked at the location before I did and its safe to say us Betsey girls were absolutely weeping when we saw that location with our very own eyes. 

The girls treated us like princesses and after drying our eyes we headed to The Porcupine for a nice cold cider. 
The cutest pub in the world called "The Porcupine." I felt like I was in a Beatrix Potter book. I curled up in my fur coat and drank a tall pint of some cider. I listened to an old couple bicker while eating giant stake sandwiches and I watched my family rest their feet after walking around this town like a giant centipede, one Hughes after the next, after the next. 

After a long stroll home having a lovely chat with my parents about their visits to Europe in their college days, my sisters and I said goodbye to continue our stroll around the key garden near our hotel. It began to rain and we found solace in this cute little Bar, which name is escaping me. We sat and watched the rain were I drank a delicious Blue Moon, (which I know, you can get in Ameowica, BUT I cant…so I was happy and impressed) and we met this beautiful new friend. To my left sat Maud, she was a tiny French woman dressed in a black trench coat and a jaunty cap. She was drinking a latte out of a wine glass with a straw and smoking a cigarette. She worked in the Tiffanys department of Selfridges and she was quite lovely. She told us stories about Paris and her days being a young lady in America. She didn’t believe we were sisters but could quickly spot that I was the baby. We swapped several stories and she smoked two cigarettes by the time the rain subsided, we then bid her au revior and returned to the Hotel. We had a lovely dinner of Thai food and I got some sage wisdom from my lovely sisters and as my head hit my soft hotel pillow that wasn’t too hard or too soft (it was juuuussstt right) I laid in anticipation to the arrival of my dear sister Hayley who was flying the next day, the sixfecta was almost complete...

Onto the next day,
Keep it Classy

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