To Whales We Go!

Day 5 rolled around and we spent our last morning in London. We skipped down to the lobby to have a breakfast but along the way we met probably the coolest person I’ll ever meet. His name was John Wat and he was an old pal of my fathers and I reiterate, he was the coolest person I’ve ever met. He was a Londoner tride and true being born and raised and all he had a slew of wonderful stories. 

Take for example, a few years back he was sitting in his apartment settling down with a pot of tea. All of a sudden he hears this loud racket from the apartment next door. Being the courteous man he was he attempted to be patient, but when enough was enough and he was steaming like his cup of tea he headed over there. He knocked on the door and demanded that the wall shaking madness stop. The men in the room explained that they were filming a music video and that they were almost done, and after hmm-hawing it over, John gave in and decided to let them finish. After production came to a close the men invited John to a pick up game of football. These men were the members of Oasis filming there music video for “Wonderwall,” only one of the best songs of the 90s and John was RIGHT NEXT DOOR. He also tackled Liam Gallagher, can you believe it?
            Another story that is just too good to keep to myself takes place in Johns brother in laws mechanic shop. It was a typical summer day in England…raining. A man walks in wearing a long Afghan wool coat that is completely soaked head to toe waiting to pick up his car. If any of you know how Afghan wool smells when its wet, you’d know its not so friendly anyone’s nippy nose. So, completely unbeknownst to her, she kicked him out due to his fowl odor and made him wait outside in the rain. This man was, as Im sure you guessed, DAVID BOWIE. His mother in law didn’t know and frankly didn’t care.

Did I stress that he was the coolest cat I’ve ever met. 

(note she is 3/4ths of the way between platform 9 and 10)
After this amazing conversation and some beans on toast we headed to the train station. I’ve never ridden a train before, I’ve only drept of the most magical form of transportation since I read The Polar Express  as a young child. We grabbed our bags, a handful of Buenos and paprika flavoured chips and kissed London “Cheers!” 

On the train, I read more and chatted with my dear sisters and we were in Whales in no time

 The second we hopped off the train and clicked our heels in excitement WE WERE HERE. We checked into a motel (major downgrade from our fabulous London Pad) and decided to take a walk around Cardiff. Immediately we were surrounded by smiles and I felt completely encompassed with Welsh, the language was everywhere and it was beautiful! The town of Cardiff was lovely as well, it most definitely had “Aloha.” And while walking around the pier our stomachs started grumbling so we headed into a restaurant called “Tera Nova.” At first I thought it would be this minimalist Italian-Fusion type restaurant due to the font, but it was totally more like Senior Frogs…but Welsh, and it was AWESOME. My family and I got properly doonked I ate a Celtic pride burger, and then the sisters and I, legally, bar hopped. The town was funky, and quirky and all the people seemed so fun loving and full of life, even this creepy big bird and Elf.

After a jam packed day of excitement, we all rested our sweetheads under a welsh moon and purred like little kittens till the morning.

You'll be hearing from me soon
Please keep it sassy,

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