Scotland The Brave.

We woke up in our bourgeois hotel room and skipped down to the continental breakfast that the hotel provided, croissants with jam and a coffee PLZ.
Scotland was significantly chillier, but our wanderlust proved resilient and we hit the town.
We started with a little stroll to this nearby park/ war memorial, and boy did we get the most BEAUTIFUL view of Scotland. Woah, it was breathtaking, this city just has so much culture and so much history, Scotland the Brave was playing in my head, and the scent of Haggis and Pine trees was in the air.

My sisters are tres adorable AND photogenic!

Then we headed to The Edinburgh Castle with a minor stops along the way

I saw this in the gift shop.... no comment
This giftshop was insane it was part tartan factory, part ancestry tracker, part blacksmithery and it was all awesome. Sadly I was running out of pounds so no floppy hats or kilts for me.

we do this thing where we like to take pictures looking sad, 
idk its a Hughes thing I suppose

Look at that view, I fell in love with Edinburgh!!

We were all so happy, and only slightly frozen

It was a cool castle but WAY overcrowded, wayyy too many tourists. Then we walked around the city saw some more sights but we all of a sudden got really cranky. I don't know if we were as accustomed to the colder weather or what but we headed back to the hotel for a nap because man, we were beat. 

We then got up and walked around for some food, but my mom was insistent on getting Scottish food, but everything was closed around 7 so we walked and walked and walked, catching a great view of the city but beating our hooves to bits. 

I love that coat.

And after a lovely meal with my family we walked home while the sun was setting on scottish soil I just got really excited for no reason in particular. 

This place really makes me happy

onto the next day
Keep it Sassy,

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