Queen of My Castle

We woke up to a Holday Inn breakfast buffet with a robot coffee maker and some cool rolls the sun was out and gave us a big ole hug. Wales was treating us well and we winked right back at this beautiful country. 

(just chillin with my new friends)

Today we had one major thing to see, and that was the Cardiff Castle. We headed to this castle and bloody hell, that was one heck of a Castle. We raided the giftshop then explored the castle. It was beautiful, so much history, I just felt like a princess being there. The cotton candy clouds in the sky puffed right along in the sky, and the sun kept dancing. I was literally in my own personal heaven. 

Its safe to say that Hughes Girls were excited


Up at the top of the castle we got a great view of Wales this city is just marvelous. The gardens were lovely and I saw some forget-me-nots, they’ve been my favorite flower since I was a little girl, and they were so beautiful on this beautiful day.
Forgive my princess dream girl writing, I was just really in love with this place. After several pinches from my sisters to realize that I wasn’t actually dreaming, we left the beautiful castle we got Fish N Chips and explored Cardiff a little more. 

Sadly our Wales adventure was cut short and we headed on a tiny plane all the way to Scotland. At first while boarding this plane I felt like a celebrity, IT’S A TINY PLANE!

But then after fearing for my life due to insane turbulence, I was a little less giddy. The second we stepped off the plane I was greeted by a Panda in tartan and a bar in the airport, I knew I’d love this place.

The air was a lot colder, and the sun was in hiding but I still had a grin on my face. We took a nice taxi ride to the hotel all while listening to the sound stylings of Neutral Milk Hotel. We check into the Glass House hotel which was probably the biggest upgrade from our Welsh Holiday Inn. This hotel was beautiful! With an incredibly well fused mix of architecture this building was like poetry.   

Honesty bar!!

 And as exciting as the private rooms, porches, honesty bar and fluffy linens were, hunger struck again and it was time to eat. We settled on Italian and despite the mediocrity of the pizza, Edinburgh treated us well.

Onto the next day
Keep it Sassy,

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