Once a Betsey Girl ALWAYS a Betsey Girl

Tomorrow is the Honolulu Betsey Johnson's last day open.

and I am sad.

six years ago I bought my first Betsey Dress and this changed my world.
With this one dress my eyes were opened to the world of high-end fashion. I saw it and I fell in love.
It was the beginning of 2006 and I had an 8th grade banquet to attend, my mother took me in to visit my sister Devon who worked there at the time and I picked out this amazing dress.

Sadly, I have no photos from the banquet for reasons I do not know, but all my fellow classmates remember it!

This bubble dress was my first poofy ever and it is historic in my collection of clothing. 
This poofy sparked my love of fashion and of Betsey Johnson and turned me into a lifelong customer and later employee!

Betsey Johnsons clothes taught me that it is more than okay to experiment with clothing, and color and texture. That life is more fun when you dress the way you want too, and that your true self should be expressed with the clothing that you wear.

I've worn Betsey to every single important function in my life whether it be school dances, weddings, baby showers or sadly even funerals because when I'm in a Betsey Johnson dress, I'm reminded to be my self. 

I met Betsey herself when she visited the store around December of 2009
She was such a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She treated family like we were hers, meeting her was not like meeting some other famous person, it was like seeing an aunty for the first time in awhile. She gave us all hugs and gave my mom the breast cancer high five (they are both survivors). Her clothing and her spirit always cheered me up when I was blue

and when I was absolutely miserable in a job I did not want, I got the opportunity from my sister Devon to work at the store
I took this picture right before my interview
I was so excited! And I've learned so much from this entire process. I learned what it means to be a good sales person, I learned how to be brave during uncertainty with a job and I learned how to have fun with the best fellow employees a pink haired girl could ask for. 

and so I leave you with this note Betsey faxed us the other day

Once a Betsey girl, ALWAYS a Betsey girl,

I hope you have a wonderful day
and wish me luck tomorrow,
I will make sure to take A LOT of pictures!

Have a beautiful day
keep it sassy

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