"We Need a Red Bus Up in Here"

The sun trickled into my room as I stretched my arms in anticipation for the new day. Devon we setting her false lashes and Kelsey was deciding which sweater to wear when we heard a hard knock on a door followed by a strange Mrs. Doubtfire sounding lady man voice saying “HOOUSE KEEPING,” we instantly knew that that was no Mrs. Doubtfire, that was daddy with a special package to deliver, we ran to the door and we were given the best gift of all ROLDIE (Hayley) WAS HERE! We were elated! We hopped around like little bunnies the day after Easter and kept chanting “ROLDIE IS HERE, ROLDIE IS HERE!” 

We set out on a beautiful sunny (surprising I know) and we hopped on a red bus of the LONDON BIG BUS tour. 
The quote of the morning was "we need a red bus up in here!" hahaha it was too perfect.

We sat sky high and toured all around London, I’ll spare you all the silly trivia and just show you some photos. I knew I’d feel like I was really here when I say Big Ben, and bloody hell, I had arrived!

The life of a jet-setter is ever so hard.

At the Royal Jewelz

we 2 kyoot.

 The wind was crisp but the sun was out to play, and monument after monument, fact after fact, this town was beginning to become my own personal paradise.  We hopped off at Fleet Street and got some lovely French food at côte, I of course had Les Steak Frites and it was tres bon!

 Poor Hayley was jet lagged and desperately wanted sleep but we pleaded that this was necessary, and that we missed her and wanted to have fun! So with our convincing we all hopped back onto the bus and headed to the Tower of London where we got to see the Royal Jewels, sadly now photos were allowed but BLOODY HELL , that was some serious jewelry, I haven’t seen diamonds that big since I watched Blood Diamond (o.O). This was the first castle of many we saw on the trip. Us local girls are still not completely accustomed to the weather so its safe to say that we were a bit nippy, but nothing that a good ole cashmere pashmina can’t help. We finished our tour and me and Devon made a quick last minute stop to Soho to pick up a few things, one being my watering can purse! And then headed to the bar where I treated Devon to some chips and a rum and coke on me! My whole family then headed out to some sort of steakhouse while Roldie slept off the jet lag. I tell ya, steak is steak no matter where its from, and if its done well…its done well.

This being our last day in London, I think its time to reflect. This city is ALIVE. The streets, the people, the dreamboat boys (now people, you know I do not kiss and tell) the fashion, and while totally bourgeois and kinda anti Ameowica, this city was very special. I’ve heard a lot about London and many times I hear it compared to New York or Paris, and while I haven’t been to Paris, I once spent 6 weeks in New York during what I refer to as the best summer of my life and may I just say, London fits the mold in my heart for New York perfectly. But what is cool about London is that it was so much more history and context, My ancestors left England on the Mayflower but I must admit knowing that I’m walking on the pavement that not only my ancestors but also Mick Jagger has walked on completely warmed my heart and put a spring in my step! This city is great and its one of my top picks for my study abroad I will be doing Spring 2014.  

Will keep posting more regularly
please keep it sassy,

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  1. So cool that you're in London! You should take me with you! ^^