Nessy is my Homegirl.

This day was a serene one.

The day consisted of a tour going all the way to Loche Ness
I had a haggis pie in the morning, a cup of coffee and I was on my way

The trip was long but well worth it.
Scotland is a beautiful place with so much history, he told us stories from the ancient Scotts who first inhabited all the way to where Evan Mcgregor lives.
I learned so many facts, but I think just watching the rolling hills was the most therapeutic experience I've had in awhile.
I felt at peace, I felt relaxed, I felt like a faerie.

so after a long drive, a few pit stops, many bueno bars and a fish and chips lunch
We'd arrived!

This adds to me collection of "Pictures of Sasssquatch with Tall Mythical Things"
Nessy was super cool, she said that she was a little shy about getting her picture taking but you guys know how persuasive I can be!
We had a mythical creature connection, you know how that is ;)

other awesome things
everything is cute in loch ness

It was gorgeous, I've also decided that if I'm ever gonna kill myself, It'll be here. I'm going to strap giant weights to my feet and wear a sea monster costume and then just plunge
It'll be awesome.

On the way home I saw some other wonderful sights

And took a long nap listening to the sweet song stylings of Oasis.
I had a vegetable tart for dinner
and drifted into dreamworld feeling like a forest nymph.

Keep it Sassy,

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