London continued....

Apologizes aside, I'm excited to start reliving my trip again, continuing from where I left off...the second day hahaha

so the day ended in the Mecca of all Meccas and no, I'm not talking Israel. 


now, Harrods was one of those places that people always told me that I had to visit, so of course, I complied, and boy, did my friends lead me down the yellow brick road. 

First off Harrods itself was just wonderful, it was everything I love, Esspensive fashion, beautiful jewelry and amazingly scrumptious looking food, i.e. glitter donuts (those red ones all the way in the corner)

But Laduree was just the creme de la creme.

My dad once brought my a variable jubilee of minimized macaroons from Harrods many moons ago and from then on my mouth has been watering to come here. 

But finally, I looked around the tiny tea house and realized my dream was totes a reality!
we weren't supposed to take pictures but I was sneaky!

Tea time was a dream

I sipped Marie Antoinette tea out of a pink cup and ate a strawberry poppy macaroon.
The service was stupendous, and the company was divine :)

we then had a quick dinner of fish and chips and then off to the V&A

We saw this awesome exhibit about Brittish post war till now culture, I got to see a real Alexander McQueen gown and Bowie's Ziggy Stardust outfit (I had no clue how tall he was!)

Sadly no photos were allowed but I did catch this one of my sister by the pillars,
she matched the exhibit oh too well. 

and after a long day of beautiful art and beautiful architecture and beautiful culture all in one beautiful place

I found a little corner and took a nap in the museum. 
sometimes really beautiful things overwhelm me!

I'm a kitten if you didn't know by now

I will continue this series asap

Have a great day and please keep it sassy,

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