I'll Be in Scotland Before Yeee

Sadly this day began WAAAY too early, and ya'll know that I'm an early bird.

We packed quickly and headed towards the airport, we were in a rush!
We grabbed a few buenos and a few bags of paprika chips and hopped on the plane.

I finished Anthony Kiedis' autobiography and listened to the sweet song stylings of The Cranberries, I WAS ON MY WAY TO IRELAND!

The plane right wasn't nearly as bumpy as on the way to Scotland.
and once we landed I was welcomed to Ireland by tons of tiny bunnies hopping out of the window of the airplane

Its that tiny brown fluff ball

Once we put our things away we began to explore dublin and I ran into Sherlock Holmes
and I got my first pint of Guinness 
and boy does Dublin taste yummy!
If you've never had Guinness, and you are of legal age (Remember, 19 is legal over there ;)) but I most definitely recommend it, it taste like a thick beer milkshake!! 

This was such a happening city, its like Portland but Irish...if that makes any sense?
The boys were beautiful, everything was so colorful and everyone had such a lively spirit, it was like the pulse of Ireland beat in the hearts of all the Irish, and I was most certainly digging it.  

Forgive how derby I look, I matched this wall.

Man this city was super kewl
and it welcomed me with open arms, a witty one liner and a wink
This place is AWESOME.

Keep it sassy,

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  1. I like how you mentioned that the boys are beautiful! I told my friends that for my trip to Spain, I'm hoping Spanish men are good looking and my friends all slapped me, telling me that wasn't important at all. XD