And She Lived Happily Ever After

So this is my blog, aka my rules I'm gonna post about something that just made me so incredibly happy.

I just got out of the movie Brave by Disney and oh lawd, was that movie made for me.

While following the similar, rambunctious-princess-destined-for-a-life-of-conformity-when-all-she-hears-is-the-call-of-the-wild type cliche, this film begins no different. 

But there are several facets to this film and specifically the protagonist, that sets her apart from her fore-princesses. 

First off, let me just mention her hair, seeing a princess without perfect hair made me so happy, my sister Devon (who has hair of that sort) was always sad when she was little because she didn't have the hair of a princess, but now little corkscrew haired girls have someone to look up too!

Going on, this movie was set in Scotland, and as y'all know, I just returned from my trip across the pond and I fell in love with Scotland. While driving to Loche Ness I stared at the rolling hills and the beautiful Scottish landscape for quite some time (8 hours...) and I think Disney perfectly capture the spirit of Scotland. The scenes were visually breathtaking and the animation was spectacular.

More over, this film was probably one of my favorite Disney movies in awhile for its total feminist values, something groundbreaking happened in this film, something that ladies and gentlemen, I'm not sure if you are prepared for.
*spoiler alert*


No knight in shinning armor saved the day, she and her mother saved the day and that literally brought tears to my face (I'm not a graceful crier)

This shift in Disney films is such a positive one. When we are little girls Hollywood feeds our brains with this idea that we need a man to save us, no matter how self sufficient we are, or how much we've accomplished, Prince Eric will destroy Ursula, The Beast will destroy Gaston etc, while we are left to run into his arms, kiss him on the cheek and allow him to carry us into Happily Ever After.

This ideal doesn't end here, its carried throughout teen girl films and into chick flicks and those all just make me gag.
We are women, we can save the day too! We can kick ass, and correct our mistakes all while being beautiful inside and out!

This movie shows an important change and something we will all hopefully see more of it in future children's movies and television.

 And if this movie wasn't perfect enough, THEY FEATURED MY SPIRIT ANIMAL!
Y'all know how much I love bears


overall I was extremely impressed with the film, and it was the first movie that made me cry since Rugrats Go To Paris

so congrats Disney, you're doing something right

What did y'all think of the movie
Let me know
keep it sassy

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  1. I totally appreciate the non-prince charming princess tale + female lead and I think it's really great that there's finally a strong female disney princess!! Although i found the actual movie a bit slow.. but maybe thats just me!