For British Eyes Only.

I'm gonna write about these days the day after they happen because thats what I feel like doing, and this is my blog so tough turkish delights!

Anywho after a long conversation with a Ukrainian women, several naps, a passport check and a game of runaround in the baggage claim, I had arrived. I felt like I was there, but it wasn't until I was greeted by this oh-so-charming billboard that I felt truly welcomed.
I mean COME ON, try to zoom in as much as possible, he is so British and jolly, he even has flowers haha, I might've just been delirious from 17 hours of flying but man, I thought this thing was the funniest thing ever.

Anywho, then we hopped on a train that lead us from Heathrow airport to central London. We then needed a taxi to get us to the hotel. So all 5 of us, (Hayley is coming in a few days) and 6 suitcases tried to fit in one taxi,
There was more Hughes then available space, I felt like a Hughes Sardine. 
Immediatly I fell in love with this city, it reminded me of the beautiful parts of Manhattan, except it was all like those parts. The architecture, the people, the weather, it all just seemed to perfect!

We checked into our hotel and took a quick nap, freshened up, and headed down for afternoon tea.

The coolest part about this hotel must be the crazy art, my personal favorite being a piece I refer to as "The giant hipster neanderthals,"with a title like that, I can honestly tell you, it is exactly what you are thinking.

....am I right?

also just to properly get their size, I took a picture with them and if you've been following my blog and my traveling adventures, you know just how much I love giant Bigfoot statues (right photo taken in 2010 at BigFoot Chainsaw Carvings in Humboldt California)

This hotel has wonderful art, I couldn't help but take a few photos

And yes, my hair is that pink.

Then it was time for high tea!
The hotel provided a lovely tea service, I got a cup of whole rose tea and its safe to say I was in heaven
We also got a smoked salmon sandwich and fries chips and after years of burger joints and fast-food chains I can honestly tell you that those were the best chips I've ever had...ever. They were like tiny pockets of potato heaven, they were the right amount of crispy and they right amount of starchy, they were fried poetry.

safe to say, we were very happy Ameowicans
 The sisters, left Devon and right Kelsey
 and my adorable parents.

then we hit the town
Oh My Stars.
The second I exited the revolving doors a wave of cool air washed over me. I looked out at all the people whizzing past me, they all seemed as if they had some place to be and I quickly joined the herd going northbound. Now this herd was not your typical New York hustle and bustle, this herd was full of hundreds of different people who seemed oddly happy despite walking with such fever. These people were all so gorgeous, I had no clue where they came from or what their genetic makeup was, who was a tourist and who had been there for decades. These people all seemed to dress as if clothing mattered and everyone smelled wonderful. While my senses were being overjoyed I couldnt help but fall head over heels for this city. I'm not sure if I was still delirious from the plane ride, if I arrived on a particularly beautiful day, or maybe it was the endorphin rush I received from entering TopShop for the first time, but I was enamored. 

This city was more than I could ever have imagined, and I got that feeling the second my foot stepped onto fine British pavement. 

My mother thinks its my British ancestry speaking, and I couldn't agree more. As childish as this sounds, I feel like I belong here. And I've made that conclusion only after the first day!

That afternoon I bought a beautiful mint green dress from H&M and a few little gems from TopShop, which you'll see soon enough

then we headed to Wagamamma for some good ole Ramen.
I had Chicken Miso Ramen, and it felt like home
and yes that is a Kirin in front of me
Did I mention that I can legally drink here?
Because I can, I Caelan Hughes can booze as much as I want, and I did just that.

After Wagamamma, my family and I sat in the hotel bar and had a few more drinks,
I logged onto the internet just to let all of y'all know that I'm alive
and then I passed out like a little rock.

I still can't quite believe that I'm here,
I'm the luckiest girl in the entire world

and with my fur coat and camera
I'm completely happy

I'll keep you guys updated as often as possible

Love you all so much
Keep it Smashing

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  1. It's hilarious that you're drinking out of the country with your folks, you little lush. I love you guys so much!