Unnecessary Seduction

Performance art is something I still don't quite understand it.
But one thing I've learned from my 19 years on this planet is that you don't need to understand something to think it's beautiful.
Take for example foreign films without subtitles, Elliott Smith, or how they make the Doritos taco...I don't understand.
Anywho I recently saw a performance art piece by the oh-so-talented Robert Reed,  who is the artist in residence at the Honolulu Contemporary Museum of Art.

So I think I'll let the pictures do the talking, then I'll explain it afterwards

If you have no clue what is going on here let me explain. 

Rober Reed, dressed as a monochromatic blow-up doll/ Greendale Mascot,  danced around the beautiful museum landscape to french music, through a maze or plastic filled jungle, accompanied by two adorable silicon- hula girls.
This piece, his "opening ceremony" for his project Unnecessary Seduction, is trying to bring attention to the commercialized idea of Hawaii and is "an exploration of the tourism industry's false promotions of naturally beautiful paradises on earth.

He uses blowup dolls and this plastic paradise along with loud music and spectacle to get our attention to this subject, I also think it speaks for social commentary about our uses of plastics and our overabundance of plastic waste (although I think that might've been subconscious) 

His piece featured a plastic cross, inflatable maze and synthetic croquet
It was an all over good day

Kelsey (who works at the museum) Agreed

I even dragged Hayley along, who let me take artsy fartsy photos of her collar

So I hope you enjoyed that piece and keep your eyes open for performance artists around your hood
because performance art is a trip, and is something that pictures and video really can't do justice.

Have a lovely day/evening
keep it sasssy,


  1. :DDD haha this is so cool !! i am jealous i want to go jump everywhere with all the colours there haha

  2. WOW! It looks like a Meadham Kirchhoff party to me...So colourful!

  3. Very cool. I dig performance art. I dig pretty much all types of art. So much so that I tend to look at things that aren't supposed to be performance art with the same critical eye that I view things that are supposed to be, and I make them art in my head.

  4. This looks amazing, all of the colours are so inviting <3