Today was one of those lazy days where you end up stumbling upon something very awesome.
While lying in bed eating sweets from my sweet, I perused Netflix instant watch and came across this movie called "Spork"

This film revolves around an intersex teenager that identifies as female named "Spork." This film is a classic "discovering who you are" film, but it was presented in a very adorable way. What I love about this film, is that it deals with such serious issues such as racism, homophobia, classism, sexism and gender roles but in such a light hearted happy manner. Despite her gender, this film is really just about a girl trying to win a dance contest and learn more about her self, her deceased mother and how to be a friend. 

I love coming of age stories like this, especially one that so blatantly addresses an issue such as her gender, like that episode of Freaks and Geeks, I really do believe its film makers job to properly address such important issues because the mainstream media does a shit-tastic job of addressing such matters. If your gender is not as black and white as we are lead to believe it should be, it IS okay.

If you read my tumblr you know that matters such as these are so important to my heart, and it really makes me sad seeing just how ignorant people are to intersex or transgender folks (is that the correct term, I really mean no offense). 

Movies like this lead me to believe that maybe one day we will all just accept each other as what we are. Everyone is beautiful and unique and their gender is merely a facet to them, it does not define them nor does it separate them from you and I. 

So here are some photos from that very cute movie and I definitely recommend you watching it. 

Her teen room is so totally angsty 
and I'm sure we've all had times where we feel just like Spork, unsure of ourselves and unaccepted
Just remember, as hard as these cliche and repetitive words sound, YOU ARE SPECIAL
and you WILL do good things

Have a wonderful evening
keep it sassy,


  1. That movie seems so cool! I love movies that address gender especially with realism; because in the real world its a much more fluid thing, and it sucks having these socially constructed roles being shoved in our face in the mainstream media. Plus and this movie just seems cute and quirky! :)

  2. Totally adding this to my instant queue.

  3. This movie sounds so incredibly adorable!!!!!!!! TO NETFLIX