Sister Style: Kelsey

This is my sister Kelsey.

We are one and the same.

She has her head in the clouds and ink on her hands.
To describe her style, I found that it is the perfectly conglomerate of Marry Poppins + a Muppett + Grey Gardens + a dash of Wednesday Adams
She has a very kind soul and a thirst for learning

She loves knickknacks, pie and netflix!

We both love florals and shopping vintage and colors TONS OF COLORS.
She has inspired me to experiment with mixing and matching prints and she doesnt judge me for anything crazy I create!

She made my logo and all my icons and look forward to an etsy store from my dear Kelsey coming up soon. 

I made Kelsey a sweater for a birthday awhile ago

(the back)

We called her Kace before we could pronounce Kelsey
therefore she is my Space Kace

and I love her,
here are some photos that I think summarize her existence. 

She is kewl. Thats her boyfriend, we call him Bennifer.
follow her on tumblr

I'll probably interview her later
Have a lovely evening
Keep it Sassy


  1. Aww so cute. I love the rose cardi/bedspread photos.

  2. Sweeter then pie! You two are adorable!

  3. Lovely photos, adorable post!


  4. Beautiful post! She sounds sweet. :) I love all the colours and floral prints in this post as well. ;)

  5. :D WAAAAAA the dress in the beginning on the right makes me think of the dresses of the sisters in virgin suicide (when they go to prom) and i love it ! weird but this cat makes me hungry :D