Sews Your Face (and special announcement)

I've discovered something wonderful ladies and gents
and its an etsy store that goes by the name of
or sewsyourface.etsy.com

Started by the amazing artist, Jamisen Cooper, who I've actually known for quite awhile now.
We got in contact when we decided I thought about delving into a sponsorship and she kindly offered her services 

Sews Your Face is an etsy store that sells custom hand embroidered things

 I interviewed Jamisen to get more information about her business and her daily inspirations
What do you sell? I sell custom hand embroidered things, I want to get more into pre-made stuff that is ready to ship, but I work better with a project. Everything I've made so far has been a gift, a series in the works is going to be called "you can stitch that on a pillow," for random hilarious out of the blue quotes that would be perfect on a pillow.

When did you begin doing embroidery?  In 2009 I made something for my sister, I wanted to give her a personalized gift for Christmas, I don't know how I came to the idea, I went through a series of different ideas, a painting, a pillow, then the idea of embroidery came across my mind, then I made it, just then. A year later I made the chalk board one for my dad. 

What inspires you? In general? Oh dear, Audrey Hepburn, she's always been my favorite, also science. My parents are both Marine Biologists, so I grew up with a science-y background, all of my art features a lot of science, there are microbial and natural elements in my work. And then materials, I like playing around with different textures, every time I come across different threads like sparkly or velvet, I like to play around with what I have, it really speaks to what I'm doing. 

How do you do it?  I don't know any real stiches, I didn't look at any tutorials, Its funny, when it comes to me, I either like to do my research and get the theory behind things or I just dive in and just try to figure it out on my own. I thought about looking up stitches that you are supposed to use for different  reasons but I wouldn't really change how I started this.

What is your favorite piece?  I like the chalkboard one. Its based on an actual chalkboard we found it in the basement of the house he grew up in. I thought we should spray it with spraypaint to preserve it, he was all "whatever happens, happens" but I wanted to preserve it! Since I didnt have access to a printer, I stuck my computer screen with the image under a piece of glass then used a permanent marker and drew it out three times before I embroidered it, he was amazed with how much it looked like the original after I transfered it so many times, now its hanging in his office. 

What was your most recent piece? The pet portraits, they stemmed from me wanting to put a variety of lower priced items on my etsy, especially if you are doing a custom piece for someone you don't know, its more difficult. So I wanted to have some that were painted on the inside to keep the cost lower.

Are you gonna feature any other types of art? Not on this page, I have another etsy I use as a buyer account but I'm thinking of turning it into a seller accound for some other stuff, but  I wanted to keep Sews Your Face as strictly embroidery.

Some of her other pieces to show are:

that is her lovely business card CONTACT HER

and now Junior Rangers, do I have some exciting news for you
Jamisen and I are doing a
but before we can give anything away we need IDEAS
what is something you'd want Jamisen to embroider?

I was thinking a classic box of sweetheart candies with funny sayings
or maybe just the word "THUGLIFE" in a pretty font.
not sure exactly but what do YOU guys want?
please let me know in the comments below and your idea might just be created!!

Have a great day, check out Jamisen's store
keep it sassy

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  1. Eeee! This is great!
    Maybe something spring-y like flowers and crowns?
    Or donuts!
    Love, Caroline&Stefa