Music Videos part 1

Forgive the lack of post yesterday, I worked for 9 hours and was much too tired to write a new post. 

On to my topic for today
Music Videos
I'm a huge fan of all sorts of music videos, whether they have an intricate story, excellent clothing, an awesome director or even if they are preformed by 12 year olds made on iMovie and uploaded to youtube, there is something I just like about these musical mini films.

What I like about music videos is that they are time limited, the director only has roughly 3 minutes to get across a point, or deliver a message. Only 3 minutes to make it rememberable, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite videos and explain how they achieved such a status in my heart.

To begin lets start with Ke$ha
and the autotuned harmonious song "Stephen"
When I first heard this song I thought it was completely idiotic as many of Ke$ha's songs are (despite the fact that I'm a huge fan, that fact is undeniable)
But it wasn't until I saw this music video that I loved this song.
I love how they utilize stop-motion, it reminds me of those claymation videos we all tried to make when we were young and got our hands on a camcorder. 
She is just so adorable and is a great sport, I feel like Ke$ha is constantly making fun of herself which  makes me happy. She plays an absolute loon in this music video; creepily kidnaping a dreamboat to her teengirl bedroom! Only for him to escape leaving her equally in bliss but with a roadtest dummy.
This music video is just fun and creepy and one of my favorites.
Also the use of Microsoft paint is a win for me.

Then onto The Kilers

There is so many reasons why I love this music video, starting with Brandon Flowers mustache.
That is one of the best mustache's in hollywood if you ask me. I also love the setting of this music video, I think they perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Japan, or maybe atleast the commercialized spirit of Japan. With the small japanese children, the crazy bikes, the video games, the Geisha costumes, the hostiles, and even just the shot of him singing in the center of Tokyo, it just explempifies Japan!
I love this song, and the cuteness of the music video, I also just like the lyrics "before you jump, tell me what you find, can you read my mind," despite its probable meaning, I like the fact that they are singing an english song in Japan, it symbolizes the language barrier between him and Japan, or maybe just the plush caterpillar. 

Another Gem from The Killers - "Bones"
This one is another one of my favorites.
The director should get a high-five.
The casting was brilliant! I love Devon Aioki and the dude from 90210/the Cheeta girls movie!
This music video has a very cute dark Gidget feel to this movie, I love how the beautiful couple turns into skeletons. I think the song and video symbolize loving people underneath everything, beauty, society, all of it, just completely stripped down to merely your bones. This video is beautiful and THE MUSTACHE IS STILL INTACT! I know this album (Sams Town) didnt do aswell but personally, I loved it. 

I thought gifs did it more justice.

Meredith Brooks- "Bitch"

First off, this song is just the best.
Its kind of the story of my life hehe
but also I love this music video because of the set design. It kind of doesn't have anything to do with the song, but its super 90's and floral and amazing.
She looks so cute and looks like she's having so much fun, and I really think thats what the inside of my brain looks like, it even includes a tiny Meredith Brooks guiding me through life's troubles and triumphs. 

And lastly
Kanye West - "All Falls Down"

Okay I know these have been the most random 5 songs ever, but hey, I like A LOT of music and music videos so... :p
I absolutely love this video, I love the first person visual narrative (if you can call it that), or just how we see it all through Kanye's eyes. I love how Dion from Clueless is in it, looking straight out of 04' but still bloody beautiful. I really don't know how they executed this so flawlessly but it really works perfectly. I also just love the part where you see Kanye rapping through the bag check, its really too cool.
Kanye is a nut, but I think he is also a genius.

I got all my photos from either youtube or tumblaaaa

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