It Was a Perfect Day for Bananafish

I got up, from my tousled lavender sheets awoken by the brisk Honolulu sunshine. I stretched my arms out like a frail man in anticipation of a long day. Rubbing my droopy eyelids I discover forgotten eyeliner still lined my eyes. I sigh in frustration. When I let out that sigh I realize that that wont be the first sigh of today, that wasn't the first sigh of my life, and that sigh, while not unique to my history of sighing, I realize it was the first sigh of many for that day. 
While schlepping my heavy Amoeba Records tote I kriss-krossed the far corners of my little campus, going from one monotonous class to another like a tiny african american rap-duo from the 90's.
My friday was full of a presentation to a project outline to an exam and I felt like I was drowning. Then I looked up in the sky and realized it was the perfect day for Bananafish.

I knew I simply must get to the beach posthaste because I had to spot one. 
The day was as overcast and as muggy as overexposed film and the air was as hot as Ella Fitzgerald.
My friend Olivia picked me up in her well-loved car and we hit the road faster than two bats out of a french exam. 

And we were here, we sipped mint chocolate milkshakes while I reread Salinger 
While submerging myself in the water I quickly adapted to the ebb and flow of Lady Aquarius I began to feel more like a Salinger character. 
I feel like the main characteristic of a Salinger character is a love of all things wholesome and an extreme hatred for all things phony. 
While floating endlessly in this crystal clear abyss I thought simply about how the Bananafish that Salinger spoke of, are a symbol of the herd, consumerism and, I personally think, a loss of innocence.   

I would hate to spoil such a beautiful story and considering its very short, I recommend it to any mer-people who feel similar. 

I also really quite enjoy this film adaptation
(minus the fact that Seymour is totally not a pedo)

The rough bits of my day seemed unappeasable, but Lady Aquarius did her job, massaging the stress out of me; my hair and my thoughts detangled from the massive knot of my anxiety,  giving me a moment of endlessness and utter separation from all that has been bringing me down.
My head was blank, but it is sometimes better that way. 

Have a lovely day,
try to destress
keep it sassy,

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  1. the kriss-kross reference was brilliant. quite a nice post. and you look like a pensive mermaid