To Scrunchie or Not to Scrunchie?

I am 19 years old, ie I was born in 93', ie I am a child of the 90's.
And believe me, I rolled with the best of them, I drank orange soda with Kel, I could whistle the Doug theme song better than any other kindergartner, I had a skip-it, I set up my dolls in a facsimile of a "Babysitters club,"  I discovered by identical twin at the mall a la Sister Sister and I even wore a scrunchie.

If you are from the planet Mars, or were born after 99' I'll explain, a scrunchie (below picture) is fabric colored, elastic hair tie, mostly used for fastening long hair that was patented in 1994. 

Mind you this was between 95' and 99', I had thin hair, my mother bought my clothes and I only wore pigtails. So when it came to the matter of scrunchies, I had no opinion. Everychild at the time wore them, so I followed suit, they were almost a uniform.

They were just a part of fashion as they were a part of the playground.
 Take for example in the film Heathers, scrunchies overflowed in abundance, a scrunchie is even featured in the first few seconds of this film

Years pass and far and few scrunchies roamed the earth. They rolled around the fashion world like tumbleweeds in an abandoned western town, just drifting aimlessly with the wind with no person, looking for the love and notoriety they once received. 

They were passé, they are "SO 90'S!" Even Carrie Bradshaw once said "no self respecting New York City woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchie," to which I agreed whole heartly.

I saw scrunchies like I saw cone bras, 100% polyester moon suits and silly bands: trends, and I assumed they were ephemeral.
Till Dov Churney came along. 
(if you don't know who Dov Churney is click here)

American Apparel has developed what I like to call "ironic dress," which entails, wearing bandshirts of bands you don't listen too, wearing the skinniest jeans possible to post a social commentary on the trend, or simple enough bringing the fanny pack back. Its dressing in an ironic matter for humor, or to secretly wear something you like but with the pretense that it is "ironic" to avoid judgement of others

Now these self proclaimed hipsters with their ironic fashion love to bring back past trends like neow windbreakers, suspenders, thin golden chains and as you can guess...

and frankly I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this.

When I first heard about this I clenched my fists in anger, the trend JUST DIED, and now it was back again, full force.

I lept to my computer and hopped on to American Apparels website which led me to this
and entire section dedicated to these bad boys.

I was struck dumbfounded. Was the only reason this trend became a trend again was because it was such an awful trend that it became ironic to wear therefore becoming a new trend?

I started noticing them everywhere
I felt like it was 96' all over again

I don't where my problem with scrunchies comes from, is it that I associate it with disheveled frizzy hair  from the 90's, the fact that they look like tiny buttholes, or maybe the fact that the trend should be dead?

Either way I'm still completely torn on the matter.

I want to like them, my sister Hayley wears one but I don't know if I'll be able to get over my resentment for those spheres of nostalgia.
Her theory is that they are such a cute accessory, if I wore one it would be cutsey girly overload.
What are your opinions on such accessory,

Let me know

and please 
keep it sassy,


  1. i used to wear scrunchies as recently as 2010 (in a non-ironic fashion)...i haven't gone near them since i cut my hair. but since i was born in '97, i essentially missed the '90s altogether, so it doesn't have the same weirdo nostalgic feeling i guess?

  2. Eh scrunchies are stupid. I'm fine with a lot of "ironic" nostalgic fashion trends, but there just really isn't anything that fun or special about scrunchies. They just fall flat for me in general, and I don't think there's anything particularly stylish or interesting about them. I vote no. Your hair is way, way, way too amazing to be sullied by a fucking scrunchie.