Tiny Details: Think Pink

Tiny detail of the day is a new segment I'm going to start doing that show cases a tiny detail of my life. 

The tiny detail I want to feature today is my desk set up,
I'm very obsessed with knick-knacks, tea sets, jewelry and I've been into the aesthetic display of those items I love so much. 

Pastel colors have always been my favorite since I was a youngin, and considering I have so many pastel doo-dads I thought why not make it a cohesive theme.

So this is one corner of my desk

I got this lovely cup, saucer and the candle behind it from this local boutique called Muu'Muu Heaven, which is this adorable boutique that sells custom made pillows, muu'muus, candles, homestuff etc
It just about changed my life.  

I also got this bangle from there too $5!!

I got this super kewl geode ring from this boutique called "Flower Child" and I simply love it

Then I got this awesome clear glass skeleton vase that I filled with sweetheart candies
I can't remember the name of this place, but the second I get home I'll update you guys, I kept their business card!
I also got this magnet and these mind green heart shaped studs from there too, and its driving me nuts!

My friend Sofi got me these pencils, they are so incredibly Caelan, its not even funny.

of course I have to feature my Hole album, a gift from the LOVELY Kate Ryan

and that is the tiny detail of the day
I hope you all enjoyed it 
and I hope you notice a tiny detail of your own. 

Have a lovely day and PLZ
Keep it Sass-ayy


  1. Ahh i love trinkets :D all your rings are so pretty!

  2. I LOVE the movie 'All I Wanna Do'!! I've never run across anyone else that has even seen it! :)

  3. The skull vase, heart studs and magnetic frame are from TOR Boutique! We just opened our doors in March and we're excited you found some goodies in our store! Come see us at 45 Hoolai St. in Kailua!