Stares Into Space Like A Dead Chinadoll

During winter break my AMAZINGLY talented friend Kate Ryan and I met up and went on a roadtrip, we both documented the whole thing but sadly all my film didnt got ruined by too much sunlight

Luckily not only did Kate's photos survive but they are gorgeous, she is seriously the most talented young photographer (look forward to an interview with that shutterbug)

When I was 13 I watched copious amounts of ANTM, enough to give me the delusional idea that I could be a "teen model," I took classes and got head shots and even modeled in a muu'uu muu'uu fashion show....I know I'm THAT cool

So to say I'm a professional model is an understatement
here are some of the photos, let me know what you think of my modeling?

A wonderful day with a wonderful friend of mine
She needs to come back this summer to do it again!!

Have a lovely evening everyone
and please keep it sassy,

oh and follow her on tumblr


  1. gorgeous pictures! I like you modeling :-) nice hair! :-)

    I just read FAQ section and I have to say I love chocolate mint milkshake as well:)

    I just started following you

  2. Your friend is a really talented photographer and you have a genius for modeling. I especially love numbers 2, 5, 6, 8, 17, 18, 20. I'm sorry for your film.

  3. I wanted to be a teen model too!! Then I realized I could never maintain that level of perfection and I'd rather be on the other side of the camera anyway. I love these photos-- the ones with the pipe-cleaner crown are the best.