Sister Style.

For any of you that have sisters, you understand what a tight intrinsic bond sisterhood is. 
My three, beautiful and wonderful sisters have known me since the day I was born and have been my best friend ever since.

I always think that if it werent for my extremely chic mother and my three fashion forward sisters, I'd be wearing crocs and gaucho pants.

So I thought I'd pay homage to my amazing sisters in three separate posts 

Here are the Hughes girls

a foresome or a quadfecta each magically different and positively wonderful in their own manner
Devon, a strong soul with a nostalgic heart
Kelsey, soft spoken with her head in the clouds
Hayley, a firecracker with the warmest smile
and me, Caelan, the baby

While time and growing older has lead us on our own different paths, when we all get together it is always the same, an overwhelming sensation of feeling of completion just washes over me. 
When each sister enters our house we each always scream their name 
We all have special nicknames and on going jokes since forever
They are my sisters
and will always be my best friends.

While I'm introducing this series I thought I'd discuss some famous sisters in the stratosphere
Little Women by Louise May Alcott is one of my favorite stories of all time.
The book is fantastic and the movie is wonderful as well. I think I'll always feel a close tie to this movie just because of the character parallels between us and them (I'm so Amy). We watched it countless times on Maui due to our lack of cable and its sacrilege to watch it with anyone else. I kid you not, when I hear the title score, I begin to tear up, not much makes me that emotional, but such a beautifully told, heart warming story about four sisters is inevitably going to pull on my heart strings. Stories about love and romance don't cut it for me, I find love like that, when portrayed in films to be cheesy and superficial, but sister love is one of the purest forms of love and will always hit a soft spot in my heart. 
(and Christian Bale is a total babe in this film)
The Virgin Suicides is a tragically beautiful story about the death of 5 sisters. This film is directed by Sophia Coppola and is the visual representation of teen girl angst and depression. I will always love this film due to the cinematography but also due to the plot, it tells such a real story, with such raw feeling and is able to express emotions of a 13-year-old girl flawlessly. Each sister symbolizes a different spirit and there relationship together just breaks my heart. 
Sex and The City is the most perfect example of nonbiological sisterhood. While these four women have completely separate genetic identities, they are sisters in every other way. These listen to each other rant and rave over their latest boyfriend or sexual endeavor over brunch all providing advice and support. They have there own taste in men and their own sense of fashion, each unique and wonderful in their own ways. The common theme of sisterhood prevails throughout every episode and while the credit roll, I'm always so happy and satisfied. 
The Olsen twins. 
My sisters and I grew up with these sisters. I swear the majority of their money must've come from the Hughes household. We bought all their directly-released VHS's, we were invited to their parties and helped them solve mysteries and later traveled the world with them. They were just as much a part of our family and we each were. Its silly because in the grand scheme of things, they have no clue who I am, but I really do believe I know them, they are my friends and they have been since they lived in San Francisco and both went by the name "Michelle Tanner."
Lastly the entire Kardashian clan.
Watching their show reminds of the insanity that is sisterhood.
They are loud, and silly and beautiful, and what I love is no matter how successful any of them get they will continue to make fun of each other and treat each other no different. Thats what sisterhood is, someone who loves you and who is happy for your success but will never be too good to call you "barf incrusted jumbo jerk" or simple enough as "dumb bitch" but the best part of sisterhood is you both know you never really mean it.

so look forward to my new series
and I hope to be hearing from you about your sisters soon

keep calm
cary on
and dont forget to keep it sassy,

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  1. This makes me wish I had sisters. Several of them...