Sherbert Hair, Really Don't Care.

As you know from this post
I've experimented a lot with my hair

and as per my nature, I began to get restless
so thanks to my WONDERFULLY AMAZING Hair dresser Lanée Roth at the Marsha Nadalin Salon in Honolulu I've updated my look once more.

I mentioned Lanée briefly in my hair post but I thought I'd go a little more into detail before I reveal my new locks,

I met Lanée when I was 16 and about to go to my junior prom, I'd been going to that salon for awhile but I needed someone to do an up-do and she was the specialist! I met her and she did this AMAZING updo with braids and sparkles and it was really, very lovely.

and from then on we've been a match made in hair heaven

onto my latest look a long with an outfit of today

My sister was recently asked to help revamp our Alma Maters' uniforms and this got me thinking
I've always been obsessed with uniform culture 

While I hated my uniform, I find many of my outfits completely uniformed inspired
I love tartan skirts, leather satchels, black stockins, but what I love more is the breaking of dresscode

if it were up to me Daniel Johnston shirts would be part of the uniform
and Jeffery Campbells would be mandatory
Totoro accessories are essential to the learning process and need to be adorned at all time

Uniforms add a certain je ne sais quoi to any film, a few of my favorite are:

The lovely ladies of Miss Godards Preparatory school in the film All I Wanna Do (look forward to a blogpost about this film)
A secret princess, her adorable sidekick and Mandy Moore...that bitch at the lovely Albert Einstein Highschool in San Francisco
The entire robot dancing student body at this Roman Catholic High School, ESPECIALLY Mary Katherine Gallagher

And now post on uniforms would be  complete without feature Mr. Max Fisher and his beloved Rushmore Academy

We need more people like him in the world who are so passionate about high school and extracurricular activities that nothing else matters...not even all the copious hand-jobs that are mentioned throughout this film.

Its ironic you see, when I was required to wear a uniform I absolutely hated it, but now that I go to a public Uni, I couldn't be more infatuated with uniform inspired fashion.

Did you have to wear a uniform in highschool?
Let me know in the comments
have a WONDERFUL day ladies and gents
Keep it Sassy,


  1. Those shoes are crazy beautiful and I love your hair!!!!

  2. Your. Hair. Is. So. Cool! I am so jealous its such a wonderful colour!