Roses are Pink and The Ocean is Blue, is Black Fringe White Trash, or is that Just You?

This outfit was roughly inspired by Ms.Del Rey

Spring is here people. 

So that spring best be in your step, or I will fly all the way from Hawaii and correct that. 

I have all these ideas for future posts so I'm just gonna leave you with this outfit.

I finally got my AMAZING Diane Von Furstenberg jacket that I bought (originally $900) on black friday for my birthday. But tragedy struck when the first time I wore it I sat against a wet wall and it was covered in white paint, LUCKLY I was able to have it fixed but now I will never let it out of my sight or in harms way ever, and I mean EVER again.

What I like about it is that since its fringe its what I'd call HighEndWhiteTrash

I paired it with a lovely Diane Von Furstenberg seafoam green blouse given to me by my lovely sister Devon, a Topshop skirt from 09 and my Steve Madden prom shoes.

I've really been into these colors for spring, seafoam green, matte girls bathroom pink, sparkly gold and the color of black leather.

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What are your favorite colors for spring?

Be safe, stay dry and PLEASE keep it sassy,

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  1. DVF??? Fancy!! Girl, I don't think Miss Diane DOES white trash. I feel you though. I'm jealous of your fringe-- I love a leather jacket with fringe.