Moon River.

March is here and I couldn't be happier.
February was wonderful but it was also a whirling dervish of emotion. I was torn between my own personal happiness (birthday, boyfran etc) and my school and work obligations.
But this month I've turned a new leaf and I'm ready to start blogging again
(expect a February favorites post soon)

I've been thinking a lot about magazines and some of the common templates they do, and in almost every fashion magazine they feature day and night looks based on the similar items.

I always enjoyed these but I took my own spin on this one. 
also listen to this song while reading

Recently I've been feeling like I'm losing part of my identity while in college
so I snuggled up with my old stuffed animals on a rainy day and watched one of my favorite movies of all time

Breakfast at Tiffany's

This movie is iconic to not only me but virtually person whose ever been young wild and free. 
Filmed in 1961, Breakfast at Tiffany's tells the story about a young naive debutant named Holly Golightly who I believe is the first example of the "manic pixie dream girl." She is a gal about town whose style is simply classic. Played by Audrey Hepburn this role not only sealed her fate as a style icon but also as a timeless legend for future generations to look back too. 

I find myself relating to Golightly in more ways then one, I embrace fashion as part of my life. My room is a total mess. When it comes to men, I find it hard to be tied down to someone, I'm like a butterfly, fluttering around the romance stratosphere. I'm broke-ish. And I love coffee, pastries, Tiffany's and cats!

So I created my night and day looks inspired by of course Ms.Golightly

My night look is well...actually something one would wear to sleep haha
and its inspired by her morning get up when she meets Paul for the first time.

My sister Kelsey got me this eyemask for christmas and it is simply too perfect.
I mean,
Its perfect!

Anywho this scene shows off her lackadaisically chic style, she looks impeccable in the most haphazard way!
My interpretation of this outfit looks a bit more like this

This outfit consists of
My sheer Lana Del Rey American Apparel button down
My Victoria's Secrets cobalt blue bra
My American Apparel seer-sucker light pink and white bloomers

And my brand new Betsey Johnson glitter polly's that I love so much. 

I'd like to think my spin on her outfit only makes it a sprinkle more modern, sheer tops (a la Lana Del Rey) are super in right now and I seriously doubt in 1961 any woman would have her bra as blatantly visible. 

Now for my Day look inspired by Ms.Golightly

This outfit uses the same haphazardy-chic but its refined for the day.
I'm wearing the same Lana blouse from American Apparel but I pair it with my navy cigarette 40's style pants also from AA. Since this is a day look I opted to wear a beige bra because I don't want to leave atleast a little something up to the imagination.

I then paired this with one of my birthday presents.
(forgive my nappy hair, It was up in a pony tail all day)

This LOVELY bow from ShopRedVelvet.com and its the perfect Tiffany box light blue!

of course I had to pair this outfit with my new shoes aswell...I mean...who wouldn't
What I like about these shoes is that the company that makes them in LA has been making them since the 50's. Marilyn rocked them, I'm sure Audrey did too and you can STILL buy them today (and if you live in the Honolulu area, visit me at Betsey Johnson) These shoes at the perfect amount of class and sass for virtually any outfit AND THEY ARE COMFORTABLE. I kid you not, one summer I spent in New York the subways were down and I had to walk 10 blocks in my polly's and I didnt die <3

Holly Golightly should be inspiration for all of us to not always take fashion so seriously,
trust you're innate fashion instincts, roll out of bed, through something on and I guarantee after you have your morning croissant and cup of coffee you will feel smashing! Believe in yourself and your style and above all
Keep Calm
and Carry on.

I'm hopefully gonna be adding photos from a Sassy Guest so this post will be updated later

but until then 

A bientot!
keep it sassy,


  1. Love it. Fantastic post. Your eye-mask IS perfect. I love the second look-- that top looks amazing loosely tucked like that. And stoked to see more posts from you!

  2. That is such a cute eye-mask! And I really like the pants look, I <3 those kind of pants.