Je T'aime, Ma Parapluie.

I love you, my umbrella

I begin this blog post with a series I took on my holga a few years ago.
These are photos I took of my sister with her favorite umbrella. Since we were little girls our mother bought us all tiny hellokitty umbrellas that we'd use on a chilly days when walking from the farm to school. Our tiny hands would hold tight to the wet, cold thin handle, the wind was so tempestuous that I thought I was gonna get blown away. My tiny pink galoshes would splash in every puddle I saw, I just remember feeling so consumed by it, but completely happy and sure. 
These days were far and few between, I don't normally get a chance to bust out my parapluie as often as I would hope.
But lately its been raining cats and dogs, when I dumbfoundedly thought 'hurricane season was over."

Before I get ahead of myself I thought I'd go a little in to detail about this wonderful accessory.
An umbrella is canopy designed to protect against rain and a parasol is designed more specifically for sun. According to wikipedia (a totally credible source) the foldable umbrella was invented in China...along with fireworks, silk, hydraulics and panda express. The word "umbrella" comes from the latin work "umbra" meaning shade or shadow

I find that umbrellas are one of the most iconic and romantic harsh weather accessory, especially on a day like today, my boyfriend and I held hands and shared umbrellas, it was too fun!
Japan Town.

I really do get sad that I'm stuck in Hawaii but on a rainy day like today it reminds me of a different place, the tiny rain drops act as an escape, despite my stagnant location, at least I feel like  I've teleported somewhere closer to the great perhaps (an unidentified 'point B' or end location in my life).

So I picked a few different photos with umbrellas and fetching cold weather ensembles:
This was taken in San Francisco winter 08'.
This was the first winter away from home but it was so inspiring. AN ALMOST WHITE CHRISTMAS. Despite my derp face, I was genuinely excited to wear a trench coat, in all seriousness, I felt like Carmen San Diego. On a day like that they only thing that made the day even more perfect was a GINORMOUS latte. I can't wait to live in SF again, I miss wearing gloves!

This was taken in Chinatown a cold first friday. I was feeling like Theodore Roosevelt and its safe to say, my parapluie was completely necessary to keep my coat from getting ruined.  We got dim sum when the rain was too harsh and had to sprint to our car with news paper covering our shoes (mine were velvet).

This one was taken while in San Francisco last spring break
click here to read all about it 
I've undoubtably left my heart in San Francisco <3
along with my favorite red umbrella.

So this has been the forecast

and I wore this.
its safe to say...I was prepared.

When I was little, I would rain dance with my umbrella for HOURS.
I also made what I called a "beaniebaby carousel" which was all my beanie babies in an open umbrella and I'd spin it around and around and around, considering none of them threw up beans, I think they enjoyed it.   

I think its impossible to not feel like a lady while holding such a lovely creation.
I think by now you wont be surprised to know that they are my favorite invention...ever

so ladies and gents
keep your parapluies on hand during this rough and coming spring time
and don't forget
keep it sassy,


  1. I never carry umbrellas!! So I'm always running around with wet hair. I just can't seem to keep up with them, and then I get all "ugh, I have to CARRY this??" As if.

  2. In Italy, people think that an open umbrella in the house or in another closed space brings bad luck, but when I was a child I was used to use two or more of them to build refuges! Is it the same there? I mean, about the "open umbrella"...