A is for Alexander McQueen

(The first installment of my fashion series The ABC's for Fashion Noobz)
A is for Alexander McQueen!

Let me begin by saying Alexander McQueen is a genius.
I will try not to be too enthusiastic but I warn you it may be difficult. 
in these posts I'll try to be as simple as possible 

Overview: Alexander McQueen is a British fashion designer and couturier.
He is know for his designer work for the brand Givenchy from 1996-2001
and for starting his own line under his name, Alexander McQueen.

Achievements: He won the British Designer of the Year award in 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2003
and the CFDA International designer of the year in 2003. 

Notable collaborations: While in his years with the Savile Row tailors he worked with Prince Charles
He also did the cover work for the Icealandic singer Björk's album Homegenic

 and directed the music video for her "Alarm Call" music video

His Style: McQueen was about controversy, naming trousers "bumsters" and having a collection called "Highland Rape" he was not new to shock tactics.

His "bumsters"  led to the universal trend of low-rise jeans and his repetition of skulls in his designes especially on his scarves became a celebrity must-have

Mary-kate Olsen, Liv Tyler and Nicole Richie all in Skull Scarves
(I also just love those three)

He was also the first designer in London to use Indian Models. 

McQueen once referred to the owner of Givency as "Irrelevant" and his first Givenchy show was unsuccessful even referring to it himself as "crap" in October 97 Vogue.
His Autumn 98 show featured double Amutee model Aimee Mullins who strutted down the runway in intricately carved wooden legs. 
McQueen stayed with Givenchy till march 2001 stating that they were "constraining his creativity"

By the end of 2007 he had boutiques in:New York, London, Los Angeles, Milan and Las Vegas

Passing: McQueen committed suicide on February 11, 2010 and his almost completed winter collection was showcased during Paris Fashion Week

One of my favorite shows he ever did was Spring 2004

and there are many others so I suggest perusing style.com

Anywho Ienjoy Alexander Mcqueen's vision because he is always pushing boundaries and I know that that is said about virtually everyone ("I find that Vanessa Hudgens really 'pushes the boundaries' in terms of style for her line Kandies") but McQueen is different. A lot of McQueen work is usually never conventionally pretty, I might go as far as to say some of his work is ugly, but its more than just superficial beauty, its art, it tells a story and it transcends clothing and works as a moving virtually wearable artistry and craft and the genius he created has yet to be recreated atleast as far as I'm concerned.

of what I've seen these are my favorite looks

And after he passed I bought a scarf and these are the different ways I wear it

The last way is how Lil Wayne wears his!

okay Junior Rangers I am EXHAUSTED
SO time for a nap
I hope dreams of sweet McQueen bounce in your head

tell me what should I add to this segment!

Have a wonderful day and PLEASE keep it sassy


  1. Love alexander mcqueen!!! Great post!!!


  2. He was brilliant. I have that Bjork album, didn't know he did the cover though.

    / Avy

  3. Sigh. McQueen.

    I went to the Met exhibit last year, and it was so amazing. It took us a few hours to get through it all, there was so much, and it was just incredible to see all those pieces in the flesh. This man will be the most influential designer of our lifetime, I guarantee it. Dress made from real flowers, from the shells of mussels, from wood. And gorgeously tailored, thanks to his background on Savile Row.

  4. Cute outfit! Awesome shorts :)