Hair Don't Care.

This is my sisters and I. 
(I'm the potato to the right of my mother)

Since before I can remember I've always been obsessed with hair. 
My Sister Devon has beautiful curly curly light brown hair, Kelsey had this beautiful dark espresso brown hair, Hayley had sunshine blonde hair and I had light brown mousey hair.
There are many unspoken rules when it came to our hair, despite how different each head of hair was:
1. When we fought no hair could be pulled
2. You can never have too many bobby pins
3. Hair will ALWAYS clog the sink
4. In the Hughes Household you must NEVER cut your hair till your 18

The last rule is by far the strangest if you ask me. Now my father is not some weird Amish religious dude, he is atheist but that is beside the point. Because of him none of us were able to cut our hair for the first 18 years of our lives.

So as I grew and my style changed my hair certainly did not.
This photo was taken when I was 13 (myspace days)
and despite every hair-DO I tried my hair just did NOT.
It was the same, it grew slowly and I was sick of it

This was my hair when I was 17, the same as the day I was born (dont mind my hippie attire...it was a phase) I was sick of seeing everyone get to change whatever they wanted, I couldn't get any crazy piercings either because I went to a single sex school with a lot of rules.
So not only was my hair the same, but I could not have piercings and I had to wear a uniform 4 days a week, to say my creativity was compromised is an understatement! These were my angstiest days people, and I was stifled like a little angsty butterfly stuck in a cage!

All thanks to my WONDERFUL Hair dresser named Lanee
It started with side swept bangs, simple enough
I wanted to look like Jenny Lewis

Those bangs turned into these bangs
(which was one of my worst haircuts for this reason below )
(yes that is derpy me on my schools website...those bangs are horrendous)
anywho the experimenting did not stop

I grew restless again, and once I graduated these bangs turned into this hair
(I felt like Dita)
This hair matched my angst quite nicely
but by the time the summer was over the semipermenant dye had washed out and I was back to square one which then led me to this hair

Fire engine red. This hair made a statement, it was loud and I loved it. No one in college knew me pre-redhair and it was amazing. I could be whoever I wanted to be and that freedom was exhilarating. I loved the response I got, but then after a few rough months I grew tired of this color because I felt like I was becoming known for my hair color more than myself and frankly I wasnt okay with that.

So in an angsty revolt I did this with my hair
Back to black with a slighty ombre towards the end
and this color was exactly what it was, an angsty revolt. This color was WAAAYY to dark for my skin tone and became very mousy very quickly, this hair color was only temporary

Then I got the color stripped and it turned into this random gingeryness which I think works well with my coloring and I was really happy with the result

Then of course, I grew tired with it  and I got those goddamn bangs again, I swear next time I'm thinking about them SHOOT ME

Then I dyed it brown which lead me back to square one
but even that washed out

so alas, I'm left with this 
my hair has grown and now after an entire year it looks like this

a crazy conglomerate of my angst and restlessness manifest themselves in each single streak of hair. I think my hair is a representation of each particular phase of my hair and I think its the perfect representation of my young spirit finally free from the shackles of private girls school.

I don't know which direction my hair will take next but I'll keep experimenting till well...till it falls out

I'll keep you updated on my hair progress
tell me, what was the craziest thing you've ever done with your hair?

Please keep it sassy,


  1. Love these pictures of you guys, you all look so cute!! I used to be obsessed with straight hair and would never leave house without it being straightened, now I dont mind my waves too much! X

  2. What a great photo's! I see you really have an eye for interesting and inspirational things!

  3. The red will forever be my favorite. I love it on you so much. I don't think it would suit me, but everytime I see these pics I want to try it myself.

    I am verrrrrry curious why exactly you were not allowed to cut your hair before 18.

  4. Oh, and the craziest thing I've ever done with my hair is dye it blue. I've also cut it myself very very short a few times, just me and some scissors and the bathroom mirror and a beer.

  5. It's so cool how you love experimenting with your hair :) And I love the orange colour (after you stripped the red out) I really want that colour hair but I'm a dark brown so I don't think I'd suit it much..