Best Coast on the West Coast

There is something so magical about a live performance. To see a musician get up on stage and pour their whole soul out into pleasing your ears its one of the most cathartic things any one human can witness.

The first concert I ever went to was Vampire Weekend performed at what was the Pipeline concert venue in Honolulu, Hawaii
This was their small tour for their first album and they only had those 12 songs to play
but damn, each and every song they played Ezra poured his entire heart out, he played so hard he sweat completely though his light blue linen button down and light pink bleeding madras bermuda shorts. For my first concert experience I was completely taken back but in the best way possible. I know it sounds corny but concerts just make me happy to be alive!

Onto what I wanted to discuss
I recently went to a concert it was a three part concert consisting of:
-Mariachi El Bronx
-Cage the Elephant

and while all the bands were awesome I need to discuss Best Coast.
I had heard a few of their songs before the concert but the concert made me more than a fan
here are some photos from the concert

and now, a poem:

Bethany, Bethany, Bethany how you simply sooth my soul.
your lyrics of rock and roll
or how simply cute you are
my eyes struck with stars
you are the vocal personification of my beating teen heart
despite your occasional wicked lyrics
 I can tell you are as sweet as a tart

I'm sorry for my teengirl poem. I was consumed by fangirlness.

ANYWHO according to their band page the band is "inspired by life and love and everything else"
but for a more through bio I checked out good ole wikipedia
Bestcoast is an American indie rockband from LA the members are Bethany Cosentino and multi-instrumental Bobb Bruno. The band is recognizable for their "fuzzy, low-fidelity sound in the vein of surf rock"

Their music is kitchy in its sweet but devilish lyrics, they remind me of the beach boys, if the beach boys were one girl with a broken heart

While they've released singles and one EP they only have one full length CD and it is AWESOME
Crazy For You by Best Coast is one of the best albums I've heard in awhile
and there music videos are so precious!

"When I'm With You"
This makes Ronald McDonald friendly and almost cute, heck he might not give me nightmares after seeing this music video! Its the perfect beachy cali video to match their hella awesome so cal sound.

"Crazy For You"
so I'll always have an infinity for talking animals, whether it was those weird dog people on Sesame street that would spell words or my major fascination with Bjork and her dancing cat, I LOVE TALKING ANIMALS. So when I see a sassy talking animal, I just about melt into the floor. Also I think the 60's vintage old TV broadcast vibe goes perfectly with their wonderfully unpolished funk that i love so much.

This may be one of my favorite videos ever, fist off I'd love to have Best Coast perform at my quinceanera, heck I would just love a quinceanera in the first place! I love Best Coast's choice of incorporating an aspect of Latina heritage especially considering they come from LA, and we all know all those mexicans come from Magic Mountain so it makes sense! Regardless, this video is beautiful, beautifully directed and everything is just beautiful.

"Our Deal" -featuring other songs
This is the creme de la creme for music videos. Not only is it beautifully directed by Drew Barrymore, has an AMAZING All star cast including the lovely Chloe Montez, Donald Glover and MAEYBE from Arrested Development, has spectacular hair, makeup and clothing BUT it also tells a super sweet Romeo and Juliet esque love story about these two star crossed beautiful teenagers. I LOVED IT, I probably could've done without iCarly, but regardless they impressed my pants off!

Lastly, I pulled together a few different things to make a lovely Best Coast look

I'm wearing a vintage dress with my cat collar from Bar and my two BESTCOAST pins I got at the concert!

So junior rangers get tickets to the nearest live show as soon as possible
and if its Best Coast, even better!!!
and put your lighters up to the skyyyy mighty mighty high!

what was the first concert you've ever been too?

keep it sassy,


  1. I love concerts! The first I've ever been to was Bloc Party. Not the best I had, but very nice. And I wish I'll see Vampire Weekend some day :)

  2. That cat collar looks amazing! :)

  3. Thank you so much! That made me very happy :)

  4. You have just spurred a new music addiction for me! Best Coast has an awesome sound thank you :p