Beehive to the Sky

Betsey Johnson's spring 2012 collection is inspired by old 60's glamour, they use sweet floral patterns and lots of pastels and considering I work there and spend a lot of time there I can honestly say I love the latest collection, ESPECIALLY this romper.

While I was bunny-hopping around in this romper my sassy sister Devon was kind enough to give me a beehive! 
I usually never wear my hair up (do to a traumatic picture day incident in 1st grade where I looked like a beany-bald-head) but I really liked this groovy do!
And I borrowed my sister Hayley's amazing Steven Madden Cheeta wedges

I felt like Brigitte Bardot in a languid 60's sort of way
Correct me if I'm wrong but I find that period of time to have some of the most beautiful bombshells. Maybe it was the time in history, popculture, fashion, or maybe just something in the water but I swear there are so many icons that just leave me in utter awe. 
The style was classic and could be very simple,  through bold prints and winged tips the style of the time has really transcended through history.

I think my love for this time period comes from the films I'd watch as a child such as: Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, To Kill a Mockingbird, West Side Story and the list goes on and on. We didnt have cable growing up so we'd watch classic films and I think thats were my sisters and my appreciation for old hollywood glamour began

I'll end this post with a few photos to illustrate what I'm talking about

(Natalie Wood, Joan Collins and of course Brigitte Bardot)
all photos I found on my sister Devons tumblr 

Whats your favorite time period in fashion?

I hope you all had a lovely day 
and PLEASE keep it sassy,

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