January Reflections

Oh January. 

so I'm gonna try to recap each month and talk about my obsessions and through in a few outfit pictures etc...

an outfit that never made it into a post was one I worn on a lovely January day

This vintage dress was purchased at Art N Flea which is this cute little thrift exchange with clothing, art, jewelry and other shenanigans.  
I've discovered something lovely about a lot of dresses, wearing them backwards can lead to an equally if not cuter look like this dress for example! I wear the majority of my dresses backwards and to be honest I love them more that way!

Things I was obsessed with this month:
Jason Lee

My love for Jason Lee speaks many bounds. 
I have this intense love for facial hair, southern accents and kind souls and those three traits are epitomized in the character Earl Hickey in the show My Name is Earl. He is such a dream in that show, he is all about doing good and being the best Earl he can be due to karma. The show and his dreaminess actually inspired me to make my own list and I gotta be honest, apologizing for all the wrong I've done feels rather good.


Man, Netflix instant actually is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Anywho I watched this movie called Lymelife starring Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin and one of my all time FAVORITE people ever Alec Baldwin. This movie takes place in the 70's around the time of a lyme disease outbreak and may I just say the clothing for this movie was AMAZING, not to mention it features 2 CULKINS!! If that wont get your teen heart beating I don't know what will!

I'm probably gonna do a better more through post on her but may I just say the album "Born to Die" is one of the best albums I've heard in a LONG time. I dont mean to sound like a silly teen girl, but in general I hate hype, I hate when everyone else loves something so Lana Del Rey is perfect for me because its seems to me that the general media hates her, therefore I can love her!!
Look up the song National Anthem, its my favorite!!

My ipod recently died, so I resorted to my dismay using my cellphone radio as a form of music. But the more I listened the more I actually began to fancy the radio, specifically my college radio station KTUH. KTUH is the number 1 college radio station in america, mostly because all of the DJ's have total control over what they play, other stations are force to play certain mainstream artist but not KTUH!

I was going to go into detail about my favorite food of this month but alas I have a virus and all food right now sounds disgusting
so I'll leave you at that, also know that I'm pulling out all the stops for this month, my birthday month, my favorite month of the entire year,


  1. I love your cute vintage dress. I have never seen or heard of "Lymelife" but seeing how Netflix has been ruining my life lately, I'm sure it'll wind up in my instant queue soon.

  2. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!! If that movie is on instant watch than I'm heading over to my queue right now to add it