Nothing is Better than a Fluffy Dress

I've discovered something magical.
So as many of you may know, I work at the Honolulu Betsey Johnson
I've acquired many Betsey Johnson dresses throughout my life from various Virgin Suicide-esque type prom functions...although instead of Peach Schnapps I got awful prepubescent boys from the only all Boy School here bumping and grinding to "Yeah" by Usher...

The magical discovery I had was that the poofy-er my dress is, the more I sell
I have casual Betsey dresses but for some reason people respond better when I look like the tiny ballerina in a jewelry box and you know what...I'm perfectly okay with that

anywho this is my LOVELY poofy Betsey dress I wore on New Years

have you made any magical discoveries lately?

let me know, oh and please
keep it sassy,

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