On The Third Day Of Christmas My Sasssquatch Gave to Me...

Three French Hens


I just thought I'd dress Parisian while having a cafe latte with my china Hen.

I quite love Hens! According to the Chinese zodiac I am the year of the rooster, so my mother has saved a lot of plucky chinaware for me. 

The sweater borrowed from Hayley but originally from H&M
Skirt made from a tube top
and hat also borrowed from Hayley but bought for her from a friend who visited France!

My mary-janes are from Urban Outfitters

This is my little puppy. 
His name is woody.

While donning this Parisian ensemble I felt like tiny little Madeline
The tiny little french orphan!
This leads me to my really early announcement
I'm going to try with all my might and gumption to study abroad in France, Spring 2013

Have you ever studied abroad?

I've been DYING to get off this rock
I have one more final to go and I'm going crazy to say the least!

Please keep it sassy,

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