On The Fourth Day of Christmas My Sasssquatch Gave To Me...

Four Calling Birds

My, the 12 days of Christmas feature A LOT of birds.
for this one I was dumbfounded trying to think of another bird
and while I was sitting on a kitchen stool in my silk pajamas my mother handed me a cup of coffee and called me "bird"
She told me in the 60's ladies were referred to as "birds"

And this of course led me to my latest inspiration
I found inspiration from the 1959 film Pillow Talk starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day

Pillow talk itself, is the act of intimately conversing in a hushed tone, discussing secrets, wishes and thoughts throughout the day all in the comfort, coziness and alleviation of your own fluffy bed.

The film is about a bachelor and a young lady who due to circumstance need to share a telephone line referred to as "the party line."
I wont spoil this film for you
but it involves accents, wood cabins, lies, love and so much more

and if you love classic films with old fashioned love
I think this film would be perfect for you

I miss the days of sharing a line.
When I was a youngin I remember waiting for hours by the phone incase it rang, because I was so eager to recite "Hello this is the Hughes resident, who may I ask is calling?" I was quite the ambitious child to say the least.

There was a certain romanticism about sharing a telephone line, the apprehensive anticipation you would feel when calling a friend,  hoping that they would pick up so I wouldnt have to talk to their parents. The  days of grabbing the second phone to overhear your sisters conversations with boys. Or even just the act of checking your message machine after a long day. Home phones made it easy to avoid people by screening calls, and you werent as easily contacted, you could go to the grocery store, the mall and even the zoo without anyone interrupting you...

Its funny because kids now and days will never have to go through that, I know I'm young but I still remember. Man....where has time gone?

My outfit consists of:
Vintage Corset top
Fringe Shrug from LF
Tan trousers (borrowed from Hayley) but originally from American Apparel 
and my favorite telephone bag from Betsey Johnson

I work there, but goodness, I've yet to see a bag as cute as this one.

This outfit has made me all nostalgic. 

I think I'm going to go through my grandmas scrapbooks and watch some black and white films.

Whats your favorite classic film?

I hope you have a lovely day and PLEASE keep it sassy,


  1. This post is too cute.
    I'm not original, but I love Roman Holiday. And I like a lot also Barefoot in the Park...

  2. How cute is that freaking bag!!!!!!!!!!