On the First Day of Christmas My Sasssquatch Gave to Me.

Partridge In a Pear Tree.

Everyone knows this classic diddy, so I thought I'd put my spin on the 12 days of christmas and do an outfit inspired by each lyric.

When I hear Partridge I can't help but think David Cassidy and the rousing, rambunctious and sometimes routy family members in the 1970's hit television show The Partridge Family.
The show centralizes around a family trying to make it in the showbiz industry while living in this groovy touring bus. They sing, they dance, and lets be honest David Cassidy is a total babe. But what makes this show simply the best is clothing. Super 70's, super out of sigh, super...super!

And while this has nothing to do with christmas,
it is the main inspiration for my outfit.

Vintage dress bought on Haight Street in San Francisco
Deer necklace from Betsey Johnson
Pear from Whole Foods
and Patent leather white pumps from GoodWill

I felt so groovy walking around in this get-up, especially at wholefoods. I made this old man Smile!
For this first day of christmas get out and put your grooviest digs on, Danny Bonaduce would be proud.


Remember to keep it sasssy,


  1. Oh that is such a cute dress! I like that it made an old man smile. :D Also cool idea with the 12 days of christmas!!!