On the 9th Day of Christmas my Sasssquatch gave to me...

9 Ladies Dancing

and while dancing now and days has gone from this
to this

I appreciate old fashioned type dancing
specifically line dancing
and while my line dancing knowledge goes as far as that one scene in Thelma and Louise
I can atleast enjoy the fashion
so here is my all time favorite line-dancy-party dress

its fun, very twirly 
and the pattern and color scheme reminds me my old baby blankets

I think growing up on a farm has left a soft spot in my heart for bucolic-esque fashion.
As a small child I would run around on my farm in my tiny pink cowboy boots making up stories and feeding my pig Snuffy. 
We would occasionally go to the rodeo and I even rode horses...
man I miss it...

Have you ever been line dancing???

let me know down below
and PLEASE keep it sassy,

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