On the 7th Day of Christmas my Sasssquatch gave to me...

7 Swans a Swimming

and by swans of course I mean BLACK SWAN

So okay, I gotta be honest, I havent seen the film
but from what I've wikied and heard from EVERYONE

its about this dancer who is like super craze and dedicates her life to Ballet or whatever but like she's wayyyyy not as sexy as Mila Kunis.
Then someone's nail gets ripped
Then Winona Ryder like punches herself in the face or something
Then there is a gratuitous lesbian sex scene
Then like the white swan becomes the black one...or something


and frankly I actually don't care, all I care about is the fashion!
Growing up, I had a sister who was a ballerina and I've developed a large appreciation for the elegant fashion and beauty that is the ballet. 

My haphazard ballerina costume contains: tights, a leotard, tutu and a skirt all from American Apparel as per usual 
and my little mary-janes are from Urban Outfitters
The head piece is just this Betsey Johnson necklace worn on my head...(I'm creative okay!)

and the black lipstick I just found in my bathroom
I'm kind of obsessed. 

I'm like the 482929849284928492849 person in the multiverse to make a Black Swan inspired ensemble but hey, why the eff not!

Please keep it sassy,

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