On the 6th Day of Christmas my Sasssquatch gave to me....

Seven Geese a Laying

so if you know anything about my life
I used to be a farm girl.

I used to live on a strawberry farm in Maui
I had a goat named Dancer
a pig named Snuffy
a ton of little chicks
and one day when I was 5 I found a baby goose, I named her Violet
well it turns out Violet was actually a "He" 

anywho I'd like to believe that if I still lived on the farm Violet would lay beautiful golden eggs
and maybe even a pair of Golden Steven Maden shoes!

I'm wearing my lovely TINY t-shirt from when I was a Daisy
My light wash Jordache overalls from GoodWill

and my prom shoes!

I had fun with this outfit mostly because it was so ridiculous.
I almost pulled a muscle trying to put that tiny T-shirt on!
Clothing is so fun because certain pieces of clothing really work like tiny cotton time machines
Clothing can make you nostalgic, it can make you emotional and it can make you nauseated but it makes you feel something, clothing is almost magical!
Once I put that shirt on I immediately felt like the tiny kindergartner that would bring in her dues every monday for our weekly meeting. I remember selling cookies and just having a ball as a daisy, man being a kid is so simple.
I miss those days.... 

Do you have any clothing that evokes such a response from you?

Please keep it sassy,

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