On the 11th Day of Christmas, My Sasssquatch Gave to Me....

Gotta be honest, this day was my absolute favorite for outfits
So "pipers piping" refers to bagpipers piping
and if you know anything about me, I'm scottish and a HUGE fan of bagpipes
Whenever I hear them I feel a strain in my heart, like the motherland is calling for me!

Anywho for this outfit I wore all my favorite tartans
Green plaid blazer from Club Monaco

Pants from J.Crew
Socks from Urban Outfitters
Button down and shoesies from American Apparel 

And my schmadorable Glengarry I found on ebay!

This outfit is my favorite by far because growing up in Hawaii I always felt a disconnect from my culture.
I'm Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh but growing up here I was just referred to as "Haole" (or Hawaiian for foreigner).
Whenever I wear some plaid, listen to bag pipes or even just eat cabbage I feel closer to my ancestors and the people who are the reason I am here today!

and for some very exciting news this little piper will be jumping across the pond all the way to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales this summer

I'm indubitably excited. 

Where are you from?
and do you love bagpipes as much as I?

Have a wonderful day
and PLEASE keep it sassy,

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