On the 10th day of Christmas my Sasssquatch gave to me...

10 Lords-a-leaping

"What if I were a boy?" is not a question I ask myself often
in fact growing up the youngest of 4 girls with no brothers, and attending an all girls school 
I don't quite understand the opposite sex, at all

Especially when it comes to men's fashion.
I live in Hawaii where "aloha friday" is actually "aloha everyday" meaning casual attire isnt an exception but a normality. 
Maybe its the weather, or the laziness, I haven't a clue but all I know is I don't know a single boy who dresses well at all.... :(

But that doesnt mean I don't appreciate some good mens wear
Alexander McQueen and his spring 2012 line
These are my four favorite looks

Okay first off this model is a total Baldwin, whoever did the casting for this show did tres manufique!
Anywho, back to the outfit, I'm a sucker for simple stripes, I find them so classic and completely timeless. The blazer fits very well as do the trousers, correct me if I'm wrong but are those trousers high waisted? Either way I think the outfit is perfect! 

THIS OUTFIT!! I die, I simply melt into the floor. That blazer restores my faith in humanity.
Mustard yellow velvet. Its actually a dream. They go perfectly with those ruby colored glasses, they remind me of pomegranate seeds. Also the butter yellow trousers look so causally comfortable.   

Now I only dream of seeing a real boy in this blazer but it makes me so very happy, I mean a floral blazer for men! My heart skips in excitement!! And these trousers are super duper cool aswell, I would wear this outfit. 

Gingham.... I don't know if you guys realize just how much I love gingham in all shapes and sizes. This monogringmatic suit is sharper than an inuit spear! If I met a man in this outfit I would propose to him on the street immediately. And the two different size prints makes the outfit that much better!
So suit up Ladies and Gents,
and Please keep it sassy,