Man I love College

I'm a college freshman and I'm sick of making excuses for my forgetful blogging.

you know where I've been and I hope you havent stopped reading.

So okay a lot has changed since we last talked 

November December is a month for me all about getting rid of the poison in my life and starting fresh!

but before I go into this month I simply have to show you some of the college fun I've been having thus far!

College has been a really liberating experience for me so far,
I've been living on my own, and trying my hardest to be a grown up and what not
its not as hard as I thought
and may I just say, its SO much better than High School by a significant amount.
My sweet college friends named Chelby & Danielle

My ADORABLE friend Sofi expect a blogpost about her soon

Toga Thursday
its pretty self explanatory and quintessential to college
but OUR Toga Thursdays have chariot races...just throwing that out there

then there was HALLOWEEN
I was Ariel the first night

This costume was made entirely at American Apparel 
Purple bandeau 
Green pleated chiffon skirt
Long blue chiffon skirt
pared with a shell around my neck and a pair of beige Havaiannas   
My makeup was done at Mac
I went to Chinatown that night and it was INSANE
it was so fun, I havent had that much fun in awhile

The second night I was feeling a bit poisonous

 And here were all my lady lovelies from my floor!

My whole outfit was also made at American Apparel
Evergreen lace leotard
Evergreen Tights
Makeup by myself!
pared with vintage gloves,  an old belt and moccasins 
It was an excellent costume for an insane Waikiki night
I proposed to someone
I saw several naked people
it was intense

Then we pulled the best prank ever
while my RA Josh was out of town we made our entire floor JOSH THEMED

Including quotes, two pictures per every door and tiny pictures of his face everywhere
he was THRILLED when he came back

Then I went on a photoshoot with my friend Michelle

then I went brunette

I was over the red.

Then Thanksgiving rolled around
thats me and Hayley
We had a gay old time
I had a live twitter feed during thanksgiving that I think properly summed up the days events

I ate till I hated myself.

Now wow, there are ALOT of pictures of me in this post
I dont mean too
I'm not a narcasstic person
I just...care about clothin n stuff
okay this post isnt very high quality BUT its just to catch you up on what I've been up too

and here are three more college gems

our friend found this horrifyingly scary Jesus painting in one of our halls
It has been hanging over his TV for months now
it never stops starring at you

but once I end finals 
I posted 47 blogposts last December, I've got ALOT of ground to catch up on haahah

please keep it sassy yall,


  1. Yay!!! I love when you post, even if I have seen most of this stuff on FB. That Jesus painting is creeping me out.

  2. you are seriously the best ok. You're pretty much my inspiration

  3. EEEEeee this is making me even more crazy excited to go to college! I hope I'll have as great a time as you look like you're having! Anywho, I'm glad you're back and posting more regularly, I've missed you!