And on the 5th day of Christmas my Sasssquatch gave to me...

some really late posts but HEY better late then never


 and I have 5 fingers so I thought I'd wear each one!

from pink to middle finger I'm wearing

Pinky: This tiny gold ring with a pink gem that I got in one of those 25 cent machines at the mall
its really fun but turns my finger green...gross

Ring finger: My tiny Kate Spade bow ring that I love so much!

Middle finger: My two finger tea party Betsey Johnson ring! Its so cute I simply adore it!!!

My index finger: My favorite floral J.Crew ring, this one has a cute little story, we bought it in SF over winterbreak two winters ago but then we couldnt find it around the time of my birthday. Flash forward to the next Spring Break where I find it in my suit case right before our next trip to SF, it was a  jewelry miracle!!

Lastly, my thumb: My adorable locket ring from three christmas's ago!

So those are my favorite Golden Rings

what are your favorite jewelry pieces?

Keep it Sassy,

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