Lets do the time warp again....

I've had so much on my mind as of late. 

My world has been bizarre and so insane. 

I've been rather nostalgic lately so I thought I'd show some of my favorite myspace photos and a few posts from my first blog

My sisters and I would go on "myspace photoshoots" where we dressed up in our best digs 
and take a bunch of photos with a disposable camera (we were too cheap for a digital one)

This is right when I started getting into expressing myself via fashion but my style was still all over the place.

I was experimenting with different styles, a little bit of preppy, a little bit of grungy all while still being somewhat self conscious of what I wore.

Then my sister introduced me to a website called Chictopia
and I began taking pictures of outfits and exploring the world of fashion to an even greater extant

I gave up the username "GirlAboutTown" and sadly stopped using Chictopia and upgraded to Blogspot but my photos are still there just waiting in cyberspace like a timecapsule of fashions past. 

but I thought I'd go over a few outfits and explain just how my style has evolved. 

June 23, 2008 was my first post and this was my outfit
At the time I posed like a derp and was very much into trendy things. 
I made this skirt with the NYC sky line myself and got these sunglasses for Christmas.
Getting real raybans was like the BEST thing that ever happened to me

then my style took a preppier turn

I was so incredibly inspired by Gossip Girl it wasnt even funny
I had these things called "Gossip Girl Mondays" where every monday I'd dress up my school uniform like a character of Gossip Girl, it was so much fun!!
Looking back at these pictures make me very nostalgic of a fun time in my life where fashion was the only thing on my mind and life just seemed easy. 

This was one of my favorite outfits
I made the skirt myself and I was just so proud of it
when I was 15 I had much more free time to make clothing, and sadly I just dont have the time anymore :(

This was when I was totally obsessed with Cassie from Skins
I wanted to be her,
I had dreams I knew the characters and I was there friends
it was kinda pathetic but wonderful for my style.
Which expanded past simply preppiness into a new funky genre 
it was a really wonderful experimental time <3

Then I had a rough time and got really into grungy 90's type fashion
I started going to GoodWill and straying away from the expensive high fashion clothing that I was into before
it was a kinda sad, but good time for my fashion
I was able to save a lot of money and develop a more distinct particular style

My style kept progressing from this point, but sadly my Chictopia didnt really
I'm going to do another post like this but more recent outfits all from my photobooth I think.
But looking back from where your personal style started and how it has evolved over the years is virtually the coolest thing ever and if you can I definitely recommend it.

The only thing I'm sad about is that I didnt go through an "emo" or "scene" phase, because those are just too fun and TOO TOO ANGSTY!!!

What phases did your style go through?
let me know in the comment and link me to a post of your style timeline

keep it sassy,


  1. Wow you've been stylish from the start!!

    And EEEEEE I'm so happy you're following me!! You're definitely a fashion icon, and your blog has been my latest internet obsession (I have a tendency to go through every single post on my favorite blogs-I'm well on my way with yours!) Keep it up and hopefully we can talk more!! <3

  2. I love blasts from the pastsss. I'm digging the preppy look. I've been through probably literally every style there is, and sometimes continue to cycle through them. Like, in a week.

    Thanks for all your recent lovely comments!! You're so sweet. And that head chain is actually just a necklace I pinned to my head. My mom gave me the stick on bindis, and I need to find out where she got them because I'm thinking I need more.

  3. It's Lil Caelen!
    Aw man. I just called you Lil Caelen. I'm sorry.
    Anyways, these pictures are great!! You were so stylish for a 15 year old!!

  4. I've been wanting to do a style evolution post for awhile, but I simply don't have any photos of me other than group photos with like 8 other people...Haha, I love reading/looking at style evolutions. It's just so interesting.