The ABC's for fashion n00bz.

Why howdy ho Junior Rangers!
I'm here today, well tonight actually because I am starting a new segment on my blog.

I always see those fashion bloggers out there with their fanc-pants knowledge of the fashion world and I sigh in frustration. 
I sigh because there is so much fashion out there, so many different lines and seasons and designers and projects and to be honest, since I'm not in the front row of New York fashion week I'm rather discouraged. 

So I had an idea.

Growing up my mother would read me a book called The ABC's of Being a Girl
which was all about a young girl and her favorite things starting with each 26 letter of the alphabet. 

It was an adorable read and it has inspired me greatly.

but instead of "The ABC's of Being a Sasssquatch" (which will come soon)

I thought I'd launch 
The ABC's for Fashion n00bz.

the concept is simple really,
I'll be going through 26 different designers 
giving a little wiki-summary 
showing my favorite looks or collections
then creating a look from inspiration!

I hope you guys get as hyped as I'm getting and look forward to the series beginning soon. 

Please Keep it Sassy,


  1. This sounds super fun, I'm stoked. You know what I hate more than fancy-pants fashion knowledge though? When bloggers get all "you should wear this with this" on their blogs, like I can't just open a fashion mag to be told how to pair a scarf with a jacket or something.

  2. This definitely sounds cool! Can't wait to see it.

  3. I'm so so excited!! I don't know anything about designers, so I'm ready to learn!!

  4. Haha have fun with this! Style.com will help, when you come across the tricky letters! :)