a few outfits.



Its 9:58 friday morning and I just feel like talking.
I've been so incredibly overwhelmed in college. 
I guess its just hard being the tiny fish again, I'm not losing a sense of identity but I've just been really unhappy with things lately and I've been feeling like there is no escape persay, I'll never be able to just snap my fingers and transport to an alternate reality. 

I know I sound emo but I think I'm just feeling like my life is tarnished and the process of sewing the pieces back together is turning out to be a lot more difficult than I intended. 


I'm trying to do something about it
I've gathered a few things that make me ridiculously happy that I thought I'd share with you
(left to right): Vintage folder found at free store, latest issue of lula, a unicorn drawing Paisley drew me, my Listography book and my new tiny to do list!

also this

that makes me quite happy.

what I'm trying to get at is that the time has come to make my universe a better place and I'm gonna do it!

Slowly but surely I'm going to do it.



  1. caelan my darling you are just too cute! i want to send you something! since you sent me a postcard and i never got the chance to return the favor!

  2. Cheer up, Buttercup!!! My life is kinda Shitsville right now too, but you gotta just roll with the punches and focus on the good stuff. And what is that amazing little lace thing???

    I hope you feel un-whelmed soon! Wow that was stupid. Pretend I didn't say that.
    My mom felt the same way you do when she started college. Ok let's also pretend this isn't a mom story. But anyways, she immediately hated college because she couldn't go to her dream school either where all of her friends were going. And her dorm was in the basement. But after a couple weeks, she started to find her niche, and she eventually made friends that she still has till this day. So yeah! Hope!
    I guess the moral is, it may seem impossible now, but things with UHAW (ok I don't know what to call it.... here it's UCONN so I just add a U to the first syllable of the name of the state but it doesn't really work with Hawaii...) will work out!!!

  4. Cheer up! Things always look dim at the start of a school year. Once things get going and you adapt to your new life, things do get better! :)

  5. Oh you sasssquatch you. Never stop being awesome.
    I am in love with your kite.
    I miss you
    -Maddington Bear