Makeup by moi.

Its September, the sun is shinning. and I quite like makeup.

Instead of making a video I thought I'd just show you via pictures my makeup for the day.
I bought all these products with my own doll-hairs.

this is my face.

this is my mirror.

Paisley left this note.

this is my makeup drawer.

I start with these:

I use these (left to right): Urban Decay primer potion, Benefit boi-ing, Benefit get even, and Benefit your rebel lite tinted moisturizer. 

I'm the lightest shade 01.

this is my unmakeup face

this is my face with You Rebel on my face, boi-ing for my dark under eye circles, Get Even over both of those and the primer potion on my eyes. 

this is my eyeshadow pallet. 

this is the Urban Decay Naked pallet. 
The eyeshadow brush that comes with the pallet
A rounded crease brush from Sephora and a blender brush from Nordstrom.

this is the color Virgin
I put it all over my eye.

this is the color Toasted I put it only on my eyelid.

this is the color Hustler, I put it on my crease

this is the color Gunmetal I put a bit of this in the outer corner of my eye.

this is my face.

this photo is a bit out of focus.

this is my favorite Mascara and eyeliner combination.
Benefit's magic ink jet black liquid eyeliner and "they're real" mascara

this is my face.

this is my face in better lighting.


this is my signature scent.

this is Juicy Couture love G&P perfume.

that is my makeup.

keep it sassy,


  1. Cute!! Look how red your hair is!!

  2. Since when is your hair red?? How did I not know this?? It looks so freaking awesome!!
    And we have the same computer! except you have a cool sticker and I don't :D
    Great tutorial!! I love the colors you used!!

  3. you look JUST like twiggy in the "this is my face" photo. Stunning.