Dancing In September.

So yall know I failed BEDA.
And I don't know if you know this about me but I'm really really hard on myself.
I was discouraged from this blog and from the internet community because I failed and because I let you down. 

But yesterday when I was walking something amazing happened.

Me and Paisley were walking around and we are quite the colorful characters,
(Paisley themed post coming soon)
And this woman stopped us and said

"Thank you for your outfits"

She thanked us for our colorful, fun outfits

it was so unexpected and so nice and sweet.
And it made me realize that dressing everyday isnt just for you. Its for everyone who sees you,
this inspired me to get back into it. 

I'm going to bring home my tripod today and begin to take photos of my outfits again. 

so for the rest of the post I'll upload pictures of things I've done and outfits I've worn with the people that I love that have been documented. 

Paisley in the usual triple layer ensemble as THOR

we decided to dress as matching old people for our beach trip

Juicy Couture one piece, American Apparel shorts

I borrowed my mothers hat and I'm wearing my old but amazing RayBan clubmasters

Paisley is an old man.

and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset EVER.

My lovely HelloKitty toaster I bought for college, it is oodles and doodles of fun!

My first day moved in. This is me and Paisley and Maria, they are basically my soul mates.

I wore this when doing paperwork for college....ew
-Top from American Apparel
-Romper from Urban Outfitters


Paisley got me half a donut and 18 and a half candles for my 18 and a half birthday
I love that noodle.

so that is an update as of now, 
be expecting more from me
I cant promise you a post everyday, but I'm going to try my hardest to produce good content that pleases both you and I. Let me know if you want to anything in particular.

Please keep it sassy,


  1. Aww I want someone who will dress like an old person with me. Too cute! ^_^ And don't feel bad at all; life happens. Your posts are always lovely no matter what.

  2. Welcome back, and I'm happy to say that you are amazing as always <3

  3. I'm sort of in love with Paisley.

    That woman's comment thanking you for your outfits is so incredibly awesome! I do my blog for me, and even before the blog, I always dressed for me, but it is always so amazing when other people appreciate what you do. I put some extra effort into my outfit when going out with some friends the other night, just got a little weird with it, and when we left this bar, a dude came running out behind us to yell at me "I like your style!" He was a total plain, frat-looking guy, and I had on a turban and some weird shit, so it was really unexpected and cool.

    And I want to see outfit posts!