BEDA Day 7: This...That and The Otter.

So here is another recap post,
a video 
a few outfits
I'm sorry, I'll do another themed outfit post soon

Here is a video I did about what I'm packing for when I move

Onto more outfits:

I wore this to my friend Natalies 22nd birthday party!

I'm wearing a vintage dress made by my mother when she was 16
Shorts from Forever21
socks from....I wanna say Urban Outfitters? 


my hair was being particularly voluminous

The night was fun. Mexican food was consumed and I played DD with a whole station wagon full of drunkards, when will they ever learn haha

Next Adventure:
PaisleyhasGoodIdeas and Sasssquatch do the Aquarium 

 Paisleys got mad style, be looking forward too a whole style segment on that n00dle.

I'm wearing this blue and white stripped sunhat from my momma
blue strapless leotard from American Apparel 
black highwaisted shorts also from American Apparel
Bag from See by Chloe
Sunflowers from a dreamboat

can you acknowledge how Wes Anderson the font of my aquarium is

tiny jellies

The great perhaps


I'm gonna be honest its 12 and I'm not thinking properly
so how about you just enjoy these lovely photos and we'll call it a day.


  1. I love the jelly pics. Makes me want to take a trip to the aquarium.

  2. I love what you wore to the birthday party!! And to the aquarium!! I can't decide which I like better!! Agh!! The pressure!!

  3. Haha, my dad used to go that same aquarium all the time, when he was little! ^^

  4. Oooh what an adorable dress! Also, the second to last photo is gorgeous. I love the red/yellow light against the blue of the water.