BEDA Day 6: Happy Birthday Elliott Smith

This post will be very different from my last.

Its crazy how tragedy happens, and how people can effect you, but everyday it hurts less and less
and you may even find yourself completing forgetting one of the people who once meant the stars and moon to you.

Today is Elliott Smith's birthday.

He would've been 42 today.

If you don't know, Elliott Smith is one of the most talented musicians of our time, his raw unfiltered unmanufactured voice,  ghostly melodies and bone chilling songs were nothing but real. 
Elliott Smith was able to make songs expressing emotions, real sadness.
You can just hear it in his voice, the pain, the sorrow, the hopelessness, all of it coagulates to form the most beautiful, perfect songs that just hit your heart like a bullet train. 

I never knew Elliott Smith personally but that doesnt mean that I don't know him.

I discovered Elliott Smith at a confusing, depressing time in my life, I found such comfort in his voice, I found someone who knew my pain (granted, it was teengirl pain, but it was pain none the less).

And in his words, "I'm never gonna know you now but I'm gonna love you anyhow"

I read his biography, bought a matching leather wrist cuff in attempt to understand him like how I felt he understood me,
But maybe that is the beauty of music, not necessarily to understand the people who made it, but to find your feelings put down in words to a tune that circumnavigates your emotions expressing them in a deliciously audible way. 

Regardless Elliott Smith has always been there for me when I was sad, or confused, when my best friend moved away, or when I dealt with a friends suicide attempt, he's done so much for me

and I almost forgot his birthday.

Life moves so fast, 
you wouldn't think it was possible, but sometimes you forget those who have left their physical bodies to  find the great perhaps. 

I can't beat myself up about this.
Elliott would understand, he fought his life hard for happiness, and when it comes to easily for me there is no reason to fight it.

All I can do is share his music, his voice, his story and hope that he touches more souls like he touched mine.

so here is to you Elliott
here's to 34 beautiful years on our earth producing music that will outlast your bones
and to 8 years in the stars being suspended, floating, and finally at peace

These are a few of the songs I find the most relevant.

my top 20 most played Elliott Smith songs

and here is a polaroid from my visit to Elliott Smith's wishing wall for fear I've already written about this experience, I'm just going to say visiting that wall was the single most spiritual moment of my life.

I love you Elliott Smith,
Happy Birthday.



  1. As cheesy as this sounds I can really feel your passion in this post. I will be sure to listen to his music!

  2. Aww this is really nice. I love the shots of you guys with the umbrellas. Thanks for sharing.